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Sleep Satisfaction with Purple SoftStretch Sheets & Harmony Pillow

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Sharing your bed with your partner can be a tough battle, when you have different sleep needs.  In our search for better sleep satisfaction, we decided to try out the Purple SoftStretch Sheets and the Harmony Pillow.  Check out our full review below. 

Disclosure: I am partnering with Purple.  All opinions and experiences are my own. 

Purple SoftStretch Sheets & Purple Harmony Pillow review

Sleep Satisfaction

I don’t know about your house, but in my house, sleep is everything.  I think the biggest argument my husband and I have centers around sleep and/or the lack thereof.  I cannot tell you how many times my husband and I have woken up because we were too hot or too cold or our pillows were giving us a neck ache.  After replacing our mattress, and getting into a better sleep routine, we decided that we also needed to take action and get better pillows and sheets. 

Unboxing Purple Softstretch Sheets & Harmony Pillow

We had read that Purple makes the most amazing pillows and softest sheets so we jumped in and took the plunge.  Honestly, I have never had nice sheets in my entire life.  As a kid, I had thrift store sheets, as an adult I just stuck to cheap sheets because, I didn’t know any better.  However, after reading about Purples SoftStretch Sheets and Harmony Pillows, we felt like we had been missing out and that this might be the final piece of the puzzle to a great night’s rest.

Purple SoftStretch Sheets

My husband and I are drastically different sleepers and finding a good medium for each of us can be a challenge.  He sleeps cold, I prefer hot.  He likes a soft bed and firm pillow, I like a soft pillow and firm mattress.  Needless to say, I was under some stress to find a good set of sheets to meet both our needs.  Enter Purple SoftStretch Sheets.

Purple sheets and pillow

I decided to ask to try these out for a few reasons.  First, the reviews on these sheets were awesome.  People rave about them.  Second, they are marketed as luxurious soft comfort, moisture-wicking, highly breathable and durable sheets that will keep you at the ideal sleep temperature.  The ideal temperature part was what I was ready to test out.  I mean could these actually keep me warm and him cool while both of us were getting a great night’s rest?

Purple SoftStretch Sheets on bed

The answer is, yes.  Purple SoftStretch sheets were that and more.  First, they fit our bed like a tailored glove.  I mean probably the best fitted sheet I have ever put on our bed.  The flat sheet stays in place and neither of them bunch or pucker when sleeping.  The bed is so quick and easy to make and our bed look so sleek and put together.  I have slept like a rock on these sheets and so has my husband.  Both of us agree that there is some magic in there that is keeping us each at our optimal temperatures (likely their moisture-wicking, breathability).  I was a bit nervous about the initial texture of the sheets, as they seemed to be similar to a flannel, however, that was proven wrong.  Once placed on the mattress, the amazing softness of these sheets comes to life.  I love these sheets. 

The Harmony Pillow

If we thought the sheets were a game-changer, the Purple Harmony Pillow is revolutionary.  I had seen people share about their love of this pillow but I didn’t understand the buzz…until ours arrived. The Harmony Pillow is the world’s first and only pillow with Purple Grid™ Hex which is designed to instantly adapt to your head and neck for total support.  This specially engineered pillow is also moisture-wicking, keeps your pillow cool and allows air to flow freely for incredible comfort and temperature regulation. 

Relaxing on the Purple Harmony Pillow

7 nights on this pillow.  Zero neck soreness or headaches.  Restful sleep. Perfect temperature.  I will say that I love this pillow, but my husband is not completely sold yet.  I swear the man wants to sleep with a literal slab of granite under his head, but he did say that it is an awesome pillow and he wants to sleep a month on it before sending it back.  

Purple SoftStretch Sheets & Harmony Pillow

Speaking of sending it back, Purple also offers a one year limited warranty on their SoftStretch Sheets as well as the Harmony Pillow and if you do not love the Harmony Pillow you can return it for a full refund within 100 nights of purchase.  Oh and if you are a military member, healthcare or frontline worker as well as an educator or student, you can get a 10% discount too!  Oh and for my readers, if you use the code Funk10 you can save too.  Click here to start shopping now!

Have you tried the Purple SoftStretch Sheets or The Harmony Pillow?

Sharing is caring!

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