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3 Tips for Taking Kids to Monster Jam

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Monster Jam is a fun filled experience that the whole family can enjoy!  With 5 shows under our belt, we wanted to share our experience and our top 3 tips for taking kids to Monster Jam. 

Disclosure: We are partnering with Monster Jam. All opinions are our own. 

3 Tips for Taking Kids to Monster Jam

Monster Jam Experience

We have attended Monster Jam for 5 years and every year we enjoy it more and more.  The kids LOVE going and look forward to it all year.  We have favorite trucks and drivers and we are always ready to be impressed with these big trucks, showing off some really tough moves in a 12,000 lb truck!  This past weekend we headed to the Pepsi Center and watched our number one driver win the evening’s events with an impressive score to boot!

Grave Digger Jumping

That’s right, Grave Digger walked away the nights champion and it was definitely well earned.  With one foot on the gas and one in the grave, driver Brandon Vinson, gave the entire audience a show to remember and it was for sure exciting to watch. We had a great time and are ready for them to come back!

3 Tips for Taking Kids to Monster Jam

We have attended Monster Jam so many times that we feel like we are experts in taking kids to this awesome event.  Here are our top 3 tips for taking kids to Monster Jam!

Tip 1: Ear Protection

Monster trucks are LOUD and if you want your children to enjoy the experience without complaints of the sound, then get them some ear protection.  We actually picked up some really cheap pairs at Harbor Freight that work great.  They do sell earplugs and earmuffs at the venue as well, but we have always brought ours in with zero issue. 

Ear Protection for Monster Jam

Tip 2: Bring a Smart Device

Monster Jam brings the audience into the action.  From giveaways, to audience commentary, to voting, everyone gets a chance to participate and that is part of the fun.  Make sure that you have your smart device with you that is wifi compatible so you can jump into the app and vote during the various events on each drivers performance of the skills.  It’s a family favorite. 

Judges Zone Screenshot

Tip 3: Splurge on the “Good Seats”

We always get our tickets close to the action and on an aisle if possible.  That gives you a better chance of being a part of the onscreen action.  People around us were super excited to be so close and many were saying how they are glad they upgraded to be closer because it is just so much fun to be a part of the show!  The husband even made it onto the big screen!

Pepsi Center Jumbotron

Coming to A City Near You Soon

Monster Jam travels the world and is coming to a city near you soon.  You can check out all you need to know about the show, the trucks and the tickets on  We are already blocking out these dates for next year and have a reminder set in our calendar to get our tickets!

El Toro Wheelie

What tips for taking kids to Monster Jam would you include?

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.