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Moab KOA Holiday Cabins Set Up a Picture Perfect Getaway

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2020 we were all bored in the house and for those of us with a wanderlust heart, travel was at the forefront of our dreams.  After staying home for a year we planned a social distanced trip and the Moab KOA Holiday Cabins set up the most picture perfect and incredible getaway we could have imagined.

Disclosure: I am partnering with Kampgrounds of America.  All opinions are my own. 

KOA Moab Cabins for a perfect getaway

Moab Cabins at Kampground of America

On a whim in January, my husband mentioned that he wanted to go to Moab.  I immediately told him that I was not dewinterizing our camper in the middle of a rough Colorado winter and that we would need to find a place to stay.  In no time at all we decided that we would check out the Moab KOA Holiday and rent a deluxe cabin.

Kampgrounds of America Moab

We love camping and having our own space and we wanted to have that same experience without having to tow our gigantic camper around.  Kampgrounds of America have always been one of our favorite places to go because we know that they will have clean facilities, pools, play areas for our kids, a local store and more.  So we booked that deluxe Moab cabins and set off on a 5 hour drive to Utah.

KOA Deluxe Moab Cabins

Arriving at the Moab KOA Holiday we were greeted during check in, and then escorted straight to our little cabin.  We had never rented one of the Kampground of America cabins before and after this experience, we will surely do this again, because they were awesome.  We had our own outdoor seating area, a paved patio with built in firepit, a deck with rocking seats, a grill and so much more.

KOA Deluxe Moab Cabins kitchenette

From the outside the cabin was already so inviting and wonderful, but inside it was just the cutest little space.  There was a nice TV with cable, a dine in space (with 4 chairs and a table that could be made larger), a kitchenette with a fridge, microwave, keurig and grilling utensils, plus plenty of storage for the food we packed in.

Moab Cabins

Opposite the kitchen area was a awesome queen sized bed with built in side tables complete with USB charging spaces and a chair on each side.  The bed was very comfortable to sleep in and I really loved the little reading lights above our bed.  In the back corner of the cabin was a little bunk bed area for the kids.

KOA deluxe cabin sleeping arrangements

These bunk beds were sturdy and I really loved that they had a rail to protect the kiddos from falling off. KOA provided blankets, sheets and pillows for those beds as well, but in the future, I will remember to bring a fitted sheet because I cannot make a bed with a flat sheet to save my life. There was storage under the bed for suitcases as well. One of the most adorable part of the cabin was the little welcome dishes for your K9.

Kampgrounds of America K9 amenities

The Moab cabins at the KOA were more than we had imagined and the grounds were such a wonderful place to get away, have our own space and be able to have a safe and social distanced vacation.  There is a ton to do in Moab and we had a truly wonderful time.

Trail Riding in Moab

In September of last year we upgraded our camper to a toyhauler because our family could live on the trails and fresh air.  However, after some long conversations we decided that we really needed to purchase a UTV the entire family could be in as the ATV’s were not as easy for the littlest to manage and truthfully, I wanted seatbelts, roll cages and a few more safety features than what we have our other machines (yes we have helmets and wore them, they were just off while we would stop to pose for a picture).

UTVing with Family in Moab

We saved and purchased our little “Funkenstein” Polaris RZR and were elated to take it on its maiden voyage throughout the trails of Moab.  The trails there are legendary and some are quite tough!  We loved that the KOA had direct trails to each of the trailheads that we were entering and took full advantage of those as we cruised around Moab.  We took on Steelbender and for sure bent some steel, Fish n Things and Hell’s Revenge.

Moab and the Rocky Mountains

The scenery in Moab on the trails, was amazing.  I mean for sure there were some times that I was only slightly terrified as we would climb up rocks that I would never have imagined we could have, but then we would get to the top of the climb and have views like the one you see above.  Just beauty all around us along with some stunning glimpses of our Rocky Mountains through the layered sedimentary rocks.

UTVing with Kids in Moab

Trail riding in Moab was beyond what I could have imagined.  It was cold, but no matter what the weather was, every single one of us could not wait to get back on the trails.  The kids never once complained, they just rode and took in the beauty right with us.  We laughed and screamed and had just the best time.  We will for sure be back to try out several more of the incredible trails in Moab soon.

Relaxing at the KOA

Trail rides can be rough and those nights relaxing at the KOA were so welcomed.  There was a lot of things for us to do at the KOA, from yard games like horseshoes and ladder ball, to little water features with sitting areas, to swimming, we could really take in the scenery and the campground in whatever form we truly wanted.

Kampgrounds of America Moab Pool

Our kids had asked if the KOA had a pool when we booked.  They had not been in a real pool for almost 18 months and the pool at the Moab KOA Holiday was nothing short of perfection.  The view from the pool was spectacular, there were changing rooms and bathrooms, they have an upper and lower pool as well as a hot tub.  The pool is heated and even on colder days it felt wonderful to jump into.  We also noticed that although they do not have a lifeguard on duty, they did have a KOA employee in there monitoring and making sure all was well, which I really appreciated.

Swimming at Moab KOA

Once we were done with swimming we ended every single night at the fire pit at our cabin site.  Bad mom moment, I totally forgot stuff for s’mores and was so thankful that the KOA store had everything we needed (including roasting skewers) to enjoy those delicious little bites.  They even delivered campfire wood to our site!

Firepit at Moab KOA Deluxe Cabin

We were very impressed with how friendly the staff was that we came in contact with.  Everyone followed COVID protocols, the staff was wonderful at making sure that our needs were met, we were able to keep our distance, cook in our cabin, relax without feeling like we were not being safe and make some truly incredible memories.

Arches National Park

When the time came to pack out of our wonderful Moab cabin, we were a bit sad, but I wasn’t ready to leave Utah just yet.  I wanted to take the kids through Arches National Park.  We pulled up to a line that was slow moving and told us that it was going to be very busy in the parks (even on a cold, cloudy day).  My husband and I made the choice to stay in our vehicle and just drive by the beautiful formations instead of walking them, but we still had a wonderful time.

Arches National Park

I had visited Arches National Park about 20 years earlier and I remember loving all the rock formations.  It did not disappoint the second time around and the kids were fascinated by the names of the formations, the pretty arches and the general scenery.

Arches National Park

Closing our our awesome family trip to Moab was bittersweet.  We had a rockin’ time cruising the trails, relaxing in our moab cabin at the KOA and driving through Arches National Park.  I highly recommend checking out the Moab KOA Holiday and planning fun trip to the beautiful desert area of Utah!

What do you think of the Moab KOA Holiday Cabins and the fun we had?

Sharing is caring!

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