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Happy 10 Year Blogiversary To Me!

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In the world of blogging, I am old. I never set out to be an influencer or to represent brands, but here I am 10 years into this and loving every moment. Happy Blogiversary to We Got the Funk!

10 Year Blogiversary

I hit publish on my first post here at We Got the Funk, 10 years ago yesterday. It was a terrible post with me basically rambling about our life. I read it and giggle at how young and immature we were, however, I am super thankful for that first post and for taking the initiative to share our life.

First photo on We Got the Funk
The first, super grainy iPhone 4, picture posted on this site!

I honestly had no idea what I would share, but I knew that I was an oversharer and that people were probably tired of me writing massive updates about our toddler and our life. I wanted to give people a central place to follow our family and so We Got the Funk was created as a cheeky play on our surname.


For many of our readers they initially landed here because I shared a post that they wanted to read, with pictures that they were interested in. My earliest followers are my family and friends and they have been my support through this decade. However, in the last 5 years We Got the Funk transformed and took on a whole different perspective.

We Got the Funk 2010 button
In the early days we had “buttons” that we all shared…this was mine.

I went from being a mommy blogger, sharing everyday ramblings, to getting the opportunities to partner with brands that we love and sharing some of that. I was able to share not only our family, but recipes, crafts and travel all with some inside scoops for people!

Current logo, no button and a bit of an upgrade.

The transformation from hobby mom blogger to professional brand was a hard one for me to make. I never wanted to lose the reason behind my writing. I never wanted this to become a job and not a hobby. I started making an income from this little ol’ blog about 4 years into writing and I had a big choice to make.

Looking out on Alcatraz

I wasn’t done sharing, I loved writing, I loved this space I had created, but I also knew that I had an opportunity to take my writing and passions and earn an income to afford our family a better life. So we created an LLC and started shifting from mommy blog to business. I still write about our family, but we are now a complete brand and work on digital content creation more and more.

I Miss the Old Days

There is a chunk of us who started blogging right around the same time. Over the last decade we have met at conferences, online and more and have forged friendships that are as true as any. In the beginning of blogging we all read each other’s posts, we would comment and share and enter each others giveaways. It was fun.

Influencers at Mom 2.0
Some of my Blogging Besties! Heather from Brie Brie Blooms and Censie from Building Our Story

That still sort of happens, but less on the blog itself and more on social media. I still miss it. I miss reading about other mommy bloggers fighting with their potty training toddlers and sleep regression babies. I miss reading those poignant articles that helped me cope with those new mom blues and laugh through some seriously tough times.

What The Future Holds

I get asked frequently about how long I will blog for? Truth is, I don’t actually know. The business side of the blog is still going very well and we love our brand partners so much that some of them have become close friends.

Laura Posing on a rock

I write less than I used to, but I also have learned to set some boundaries when it comes to spending hours and hours online writing instead of sleeping. I feel like the universe will tell me when I am done, but until then, expect to see me popping into your inboxes, social channels and lives with all the chaos, love and fun that comes with us.

Thank you for celebrating this blogiversary with me! Here is to 10 more…maybe!

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.