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Cool Science Stuff You See Every Day

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I am a science teacher and although I do not share most of what I do in my classrooms, I was elated when Andy contacted me to share some science fun with my readers. Enjoy the post and comment with questions below.
Cool Science Stuff You See Every Day
Author: Andy Andersen


Ever wondered how science affects your everyday life? How doesn’t it, should be the real question. We live in a world where science is responsible for just about everything we do. Here are just a few of the things you and your children use or come across every day and how science makes them work. You can use these everyday interactions to help your kids learn more about the science involved.


Cool Science Stuff You See Every Day – Fluorescent Light
Without science, you’d be in the dark anytime you’re not out in the sun. Ever wonder how those long, cylinder-shaped light bulbs that light your classroom and school hallways work? They are called fluorescent light bulbs, and they light up when the gas inside them is energized by an electric current. The mercury vapor then makes ultra violet light, which causes the inside of the bulb to glow. Thanks to science, you never have to do your times tables in the dark.


Cool Science Stuff You See Every Day- Microwave Ovens
Like most kids, you probably eat a lot of food that’s cooked in a microwave oven. Microwaves generate radio waves that excite water molecules in food. As the water molecules get more and more excited, they generate heat, which in turn cooks the food. Next time you’re waiting for your hot dog or pizza to cook in the microwave, take a look inside and imagine what’s going on in there.


Cool Science Stuff You See Every Day – High-Tech Currency
You wouldn’t think that your five dollar bill is high-tech. But in today’s world, paper money is loaded with high-tech security features that let banks know that the money is real. One of these features is ultraviolet print. There are certain markings on a banknote that are only visible when under ultraviolet light. Another feature is a raised ink. Often the numbers and some of the images on a banknote will be raised on the banknote through a printing system that uses heat to raise the ink. Click here for more information on the science of currency.


Cool Science Stuff You See Every Day – Antibiotics and Immunizations
Science makes it possible for you to get medicine from the doctor when you’re sick. Penicillin and antibiotics were discovered in the late 1920’s when British scientist Alexander Fleming discovered a mold that killed some bacteria he was working with. Since then, thousands of bacteria-fighting medicines have been developed to combat against all kinds of illnesses.


Cool Science Stuff You See Every Day – Tablets and Smartphones
It goes without saying that if it weren’t for science, you wouldn’t be playing games and downloading apps on your tablet or smartphone. The thought of having personal electronics was unheard of before the first personal computer was invented in 1975. Before that, computers filled up whole rooms and were built only to perform mathematical calculations. Thanks to the scientific development of computers from giant calculating machines into personal computers, you now have the technology available to do everything from homework to watching TV on your tablet and phone.


Cool Science Stuff You See Every Day – Weather Forecasting
It’s pretty amazing that these days we can instantly check what the weather will be like for weeks. We all probably take for granted the fact that we can plan ahead what we will wear and how we will get around based on what the weather will be like on any given day. Weather forecasting is a huge part of our lives, and it’s all thanks to science and technology. The process of predicting the weather used to be done by looking at current weather conditions and sky condition. Today it is done by weather forecasters who predict the weather based on information from computers, but even when computers are interpreting the atmosphere, it still takes some human guess work.


Cool Science Stuff You See Every Day- The Ability to Understand How Things Work
The more you know about science, the more you understand how the world works. Now that you have a better idea about how much science influences what you do every day, keep researching and studying scientific subjects on your own. Maybe someday you’ll be able to use science to create something that helps other people live better lives. Or maybe you’ll use your better understanding of the world to help others learn. Whatever you decide to do with your knowledge, it’s important to keep learning and coming up with new ideas.


When humans use scientific concepts to come up with new ideas, the world becomes a better place.
Thank you Andy for sharing some really cool science stuff!


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