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On June 5th, we took off on a plane over the ocean (eeek) to paradise. 

In celebration of so many things (my graduation, birthdays and new jobs), my two best friends, my husband, and some of his amazing family gathered in Cancun Mexico for a week of relaxation and laughs.

We stayed at an all-inclusive resort.  The Ocean Coral & Turquesa.  It was a visually beautiful resort, but it was HUGE and that part was a bit unexpected.

The resort had everything you could want.  Areas to relax, indoor and outdoor bars as well as a pool bar, stunning architecture and breathtaking views. 

The grounds were clean and well maintained.  In fact, nothing ever seemed to be dirty and as someone that rarely walks around barefoot, I spent more time without shoes on here then I have in my entire life I think.  

There were tons of little critters.  We saw Iguanas, Anolis, Sea Turtle nests, crabs and then the menagerie of animals that the resort had on hand including many exotic birds.

However, we all came for one thing.  The beach.  The relaxation.  The fun.

It did not disappoint.  Most days the sky was overcast, the weather was humid but not so hot that we could not handle it.  Our days were filled with sleeping in, eating a quick breakfast, heading to the beach, lathering on sunscreen and enjoying the sights, sounds, wonderment of the ocean.  For being such a large resort it did not seem super full or busy aside from one day.

My hair was almost never dry.  Between the ocean, pool and humidity and tons of showers, there was no point to even attempt to dry it.  A big reason we came on this trip was to spend time with each other, sans kids.  Two years ago, the husband and I did an all-inclusive trip with almost the same group and had a wonderful time reconnecting and falling even more in love.  We were hoping that after a rough year we would be able to reconnect much the same way.  I think we accomplished that!

Unlike our last trip across the boarder, this one did not have as much tequila.  I ended up getting sick about halfway through our trip from probably the food.  I spent a good 12 hours throwing up, so overdoing it on tequila was not happening.

We all still had a blast and really enjoyed laughing and relaxing together.  One of the funniest things we experienced was an actual tropical storm.  Our second night at the resort we headed to a restaurant for dinner and midway through dinner, it started raining and then in a split second there was a storm like nothing I have ever experienced.  Rain was coming down in sheets, the lightning and thunder were overwhelming and incredible.  We tried to wait the storm out but the restaurant actually started to flood a bit.  We decided to make a run for it to our resort rooms.  We were maybe 6 yards from the entrance to our room areas.  Just as we stepped outside the thunder hit and the power went out.  SO MUCH SCREAMING.  The power came back on quickly and we took off all 6 yards from the restaurant to our room area.  We were soaked, and laughing and even though it was late we ended up hanging out later that night and laughing a lot while watching the storm from the balcony.

I decided about 3 months ago that I was going to wear bikini’s while on our trip.  I have lost 20 lbs since December and although I definitely still have a mommy tummy, I am proud of my body and proud of taking my health back into my hands.  I didn’t look half bad and I loved my swimsuits!

We had a couple crazy nights in Cancun.  One particular night is depicted in the photo below.  After a dinner, we decided to catch a show at the Teatro (theater) and it just so happened to be Grease!  I think I sang along to the entire thing while using my ridiculously awesome selfie stick to take photos and videos.  However, after the show things got even more crazy.  We met a couple friends who invited us to a beach party.  We got there and well, no one was on the beach but us and a boat. Finally, our friends show up, with dry wood, a bicycle and some fishing supplies.  We started a fire on the beach (with permission) and had some good laughs before heading to bed.

After being sick and missing another fun night the next day we were ready to just hang out and really spend a day with just the husband and I.  We toured the resort a bit, did some shopping and had a good time laughing.  We needed to grab some more cash, so stupidly I used the ATM at the resort and guess whose card information was stolen and used just days later.  STUPID!  Thankfully my bank shut down the transaction before anything happened, but still, NEVER AGAIN!

Our last night at the resort we did some beach pictures and enjoyed a nice dinner.  We were all ready to get home.  Even though paradise is relaxing, I think getting back into routine and to the dry Colorado air was a very welcomed event. 

Our trip was great.  There were some ups and downs and I am not sure I would visit that particular resort again.  Sure the amenities were wonderful, but the food was meh and it was so large that I feel like we spent a lot of time walking to places instead of experiencing the place. 

Regardless, I am thankful that amongst the chaos of our lives late, the husband and I were able to go on this trip, to experience the Caribbean and to spend time together.  There will be another trip in our future!


Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.