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An Impass

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Dear Amazing Peoples of the Internet,

I am writing because I have loyal, amazing, thoughtful folks out there that read what I write, try my recipes and crafts, encourage me and support me.  Thank you for that.  This whole blogging thing is pretty damn amazing and I honestly could not be more thankful for the opportunities that it has provided.  No I am NOT quitting, I just have nothing much to say lately.

I feel like I could go on and on about how well our little guy is handling kindergarten, but then I wouldn’t have any photos, because, I suck.

I could also talk about the NIGHTMARE that our family vehicle has been and how we are somehow like 8-10K upside down in our loan (seriously, how does a car depreciate like that?), and we are baffled because we take dang good care of the thing…but that is boring and well, boring real life stuff sucks.

I could talk to you about how I cant seem to find my groove and blame that as the reason that I am not updating as frequently lately…by the way, that is actually the reason why I am not updating lately :).

Basically, this beginning of the year school groove is a struggle.  I am a struggle, and as much as I just want to craft, and cook and get myself to a healthier place, none of that is happening.  The last photo I took of either of my kids was 3 weeks ago, I am not sure when I dusted last and if I cook once a week a miracle actually happened.  I am holding myself together with strands of silk (strong but thin) and hoping that something soon will click.

Life is a mess, and that is the truth.

I hope that I can get back to my regular therapeutic crafting, cooking and cleaning all while being super mom, teacher, wife and graduate student.  Until then, bear with me folks.

Hearts and Snuggles,


Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.