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The Biggest Spiders in the World!

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Creepy and crawly describe some of the biggest spiders in the world, but what if you could get up close and personal with these beneficial critters?

The Biggest Spiders in the World

Biggest Spiders in The World!

The biggest spiders in the world are found in Asia, Africa and parts of South America. The biggest of all being the giant huntsman spider which can have up to a 30 cm leg span and are very venomous. What is most interesting to me however, is that the vast majority of giant spiders are from the tarantula family (Theraphosidae).

Cobalt Blue Tarantula
Cobalt Blue Tarantula on Bananas photo courtesy of Butterfly Pavilion

I know that you clicked over and were like, what are these giant spiders and why is this lady writing about them. Well, as a biologist, I am always interested in sharing about the world around us including these cute little arachnids that help control insect populations. However, I am also super excited to share about a fantastic exhibit at the Denver Butterfly Pavilion focusing on these 8 legged misunderstood insects.

Spiders Around the World

The Denver Butterfly Pavilion has been a central location for locals and tourists to get up close and personal with invertebrates from around the world, but one of the most excited parts of visiting the pavilion is Rosie the tarantula. Butterfly Pavilion has been working on tarantula conservation efforts around the world since 2010 helping to protect, breed and conserve various species of tarantulas.

Child holding Rosie the Tarantula from Butterfly Pavilion

Throughout the world there are now several species of tarantulas that are threatened due to habitat destruction, the pet trade and some difficulties in captive breeding. Now more than ever, it is important to teach the public about this very beneficial organisms which is exactly what Butterfly Pavilion is doing with the Spiders Around the World exhibit.

Colombian Pumpkin Patch Tarantula
Colombian Pumpkin Patch Tarantula Photo Courtesy of Butterfly Pavilion

Spiders Around the World will display living spiders from 20 countries from October 7-31, 2022. Guests can engage with tarantulas, orb weavers and even see spiders as big as an adult human’s hand! Landing at Butterfly Pavilion during the spooky season will also be Skeleton Tarantulas, Colombian Pumpkin Patch Tarantulas and other gorgeous and interesting spiders. Check out the information below on dates, time and tickets!


October 7-31, 2022. Regular visiting hours daily from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.


There are no special tickets required, which means you can enjoy everything we love about Butterfly Pavilion while also experiencing one of the coolest and most informative exhibits! You can purchase tickets here.


Butterfly Pavilion

6252 W. 104th Ave

Westminster, CO

Make sure to grab your tickets now and experience this truly special engagement at Denver’s Butterfly Pavilion. You can be sure that you will learn about the biggest spiders in the world while also getting to interact with their cousins on that family tree!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.