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ST5L: Teacher Laughs

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Oh I’m Back!  I thought instead of funny stuff about my everyday wonderful life, I would throw in my top 5 teacher laughs of the last 3 weeks of this school year!

1.  At some point a student said I was being racist because I would not let him sit by his friend.  I cleared up what racism was and also why he couldn’t sit by his friend, but one of my hispanic students then had the following question, “So Mrs. Funk if I say, ‘I love asian chicks’ is that racist?”  My class burst out laughing and the lonely asian girl in my class turned bright red and asked for a seat change.  I kindly obliged.

2. Same hispanic kid had the following to say today after a quick discussion of the final moments of Obama’s speech last night where he referred to GLBT rights.  Out of my precious students mouth was the following, “I couldn’t be gay because I love tacos!”  I don’t think many kids got it, but I did and he went down to the deans for some amazing language discussions.

3. Yesterday I was informed that one of my students nicknames is “Munchie.”  I do not call students by nicknames like that, so instead I kept calling him by his name.  His best friend turns to me and says, “its actually good you aren’t calling him by that…if you know what I mean.”  Fantastic, now I get to watch for drugs, way to throw your friend in my radar!

4.  Earlier this week I was teaching my ecology class and we were discussing energy.  I swear I kept hearing kids whisper “boobies.”  Finally I just stopped the lecture and said who keeps saying “boobies?”  My class burst out laughing, so naturally I explained that as juniors and seniors its time to grow up.  Finally one of my teacher assistants comes over and said, “I think you are hearing things, no one was talking, they were all just trying to keep up with your fast lecture.”  Oh awesome, now I look like the immature pervert!  I seriously still think someone kept saying boobies.

5.  Oh and I didn’t forget to throw myself under the bus in front of my freshmen.  The topic of childbirth came up with so I started explaining how unpleasant it was and I kept it clean.  Then someone with no filter asked how mine went, and I said the following, “Who isn’t scared for their vagina, shoot even boys are scared for your vagina, my husband was, thank God I got my son cut out!”  All they heard was “boys are scared of vagina’s.”  I’m such a winner.


Sharing is caring!

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Monday 10th of September 2012

Your students are too funny. I love when you write about this! The Asian girl must have been mortified,lol. I couldn't be gay because I love Tacos- oh my g-d! #5- I would have stopped dead in my tracks. These are HYSTERICAL!!!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.