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Man’s Best Friend & The Pack

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A fun new competition show is hitting the waves this weekend and you are going to want to see how Man’s Best Friend takes on The Pack!

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Man's Best Friend The Pack

Man’s Best Friend

I have always been a dog guy.  I grew up with a dog and have always enjoyed their companionship.  My wife has also always had dogs, so naturally when we moved in together and began building our family, man’s best friend was added.  We first got our Mia girl and then added in our yellow lab Lily.  After Mia passed away, we added our chocolate mosaic lab, Brindle.  These two girls are so loved and spoiled and are for sure man’s best friend. 

Relaxing Labrador Retrievers

Brindle and Lily are about 9 years apart and they are very different in mannerisms.  Lily is destructive, she has chewed our bed, our garage wall, so many phones and shoes.  She destroys mainly because she isn’t getting her way or the attention she wants.  She is stubborn and she really just wants you to rub her belly all day or throw a ball, also she is always hungry.

New Dog Toys!

Brindle on the other hand is all puppy all the time and she is for sure the boss of the house. She requires 2 things nearly all the time.  First, you must play with her, any toy, any place, any time.  Second, if you refuse to play, you must offer your lap for her to lay on and you must pet her.  Also she likes when you have conversations with her. 

Playing with Dogs

These girls are  a huge part of our family and we couldn’t imagine our lives without them.  They really are man’s best friend and I am personally very thankful to have two very good dogs in our home to play, snuggle and enjoy.  The best sort of therapy is man’s best friend. 

The Pack

Brindle tends to be on a lap when we are watching TV and she has become a TV watcher herself.  One time my wife was watching something on TV with dogs and Brindle jumped from the couch onto the TV stand because she must have wanted to play with the other dogs.  We still laugh about that.  When we heard that Amazon was premiering a new competition show called The Pack, we knew we were going to be watching this one.

Man's Best Friend and The Pack

The Pack brings competition and the relationships between humans and dogs to the main stage.  This is going to showcase the amazing bond between dogs and humans and is hosted by Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn and her fluffy co-host, Lucy.  Twelve teams consisting of a dog and their human companion will take on epic adventures across many continents for their chance at $750,000 (with $250,000 of those winnings going to an animal charity of their choice)!  Challenges promise to be exciting but designed with veterinarians, certified dog experts and a great team to make this a positive experience for everyone!  

The Pack on Amazon Prime Video

I know our pack is literally geared up with toys, snacks and snuggles to have a fun weekend watching awesome competitors of the furry and not so furry kind take on challenges that are sure to be exciting.  Make sure that you tune in to Amazon Prime Video on November 20th, to watch Man’s Best Friend in The Pack!

Will you be watching The Pack this weekend?

Sharing is caring!

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