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Oh the weather outside is delightful!  Sunny and 37, which in Colorado in December is actually pretty nice!  This week has been beyond crazy and emotional for myself and my family.  Many people know what I am talking about and those that do not, will soon enough.  It is a crazy busy story.

So at a time in my life when things are insanely crazy and I am just bursting at the seems with stress from work, family, and the holidays, I better find something to laugh about.  I love this blog hop, so LINK UP!

Although I only have one funny…So here goes…

I am a huge “potty mouth.”  What can I say, I enjoy a little vulgarity and expressing my emotions and although I have been seriously trying to edit my vulgar little mouth, I am apparently not doing the best job.

Case in point…Eyan is a repeater and KNOWS what words he really shouldn’t repeat.  I was yelling at the dogs because they were barking over nothing and I had a headache and was in the midst of finals.  So after yelling at them and telling them to stop, I finally yelled “Shut the fuck up!”  Eyan proudly repeated “Fuck UP!”  I tried my best not to laugh, really tried, but I just couldn’t.  I burst out laughing and he said it again.  I tried to correct him and say no no its “FUNK up!”  He knew better.  He only said it a couple times, but many should I win mom of the year again.

I did decide to make a new years resolution to stop the vulgarity and cussing and save it for only special occasions from this little situation.  But it was still seriously funny!

So what have you said around your kids only to have them repeat it???

Sharing is caring!

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Saturday 17th of December 2011

I hope everything is okay and things become less stressful. Thinking of you. That is why I started this hop because it makes us forget our worries and just have fun writing! I can so relate to that- my daughter at 15 months was going around saying oh shit- Boy, my husband was mad because I have a terrible potty mouth too. I had to laugh at your laugh! I hope you have a good weekend!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.