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Father’s Day Gift Ideas Every Dad Will Want

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With Father’s Day approaching, coming up with the perfect gift for dad can be tough.  I wanted to share a list of items that are practical and Father’s Day gift ideas every dad will want. 

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Father's Day Gift Ideas Every Dad Will Want

Father’s Day Gift Ideas Every Dad Will Want

I have been a father for 10 years and each year my family asks me what I would like.  I usually have a few things picked out that I could use or want to try and this year I decided to share some of the items that I liked and I know that every dad will want these.  

2020 Fathers Day Gift Ideas

I am always looking for items that I can use and that I am not just going to put on a shelf or in a box and ignore.  My wife tends to be really thoughtful with gifts but also practical as well.  I think most dad’s are looking for gifts that they can use often, that are enjoyable and that cater to their interests. 

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

I selected items that dads with a variety of interests would find both useful and enjoyable.  Everything from recipe books and snacks to tools and technology.  Take a look below at each of the items and let me know in the comments which one you or the dad in your life would like. 

1. Home Town Maps Rocks Glass from Well Told 

I enjoy sitting back and relaxing, watching racing shows and history shows.  I have a specific glass that I enjoy my beverages in, but I wanted a couple more.  I found this custom Home Town Maps Rocks Glass from Well Told that features a map of Denver with main streets, neighborhoods and even the longitude and latitude precision-etched into the glass. 

Denver Whisky Glass

These glasses are well made, beautifully detailed and they are available for every major U.S. city and town.  You can even add personalized text for a truly unique gift.  They are also dishwasher safe, which my wife appreciates. 

2. Flag-Lite® 3D from Maglite

I love a good flashlight and I swear my kids are obsessed with them and my good ones continue to disappear.  I can always use a flashlight and I have been hinting to my family that I really was interested in getting one of the larger LED Maglite flashlights.  This Flag-Lite® limited edition Maglite® LED Flashlight is exactly what I was looking for.  

Flag Maglite

This American manufactured full-sized flashlight has a beam distance of 364 meters and a 79 hour run time with dynamic power management.  If you love vintage Americana® products and want that iconic Maglite design and high performance this is going to be a great gift for you.  Maglite is also running a special offer for 15% off online orders (some restrictions do apply).  Use code BB15 to save from now through July 31st!

3.  Mini Maglite Pro from Maglite 

To accompany the larger LED flashlight, there is their signature Mini Maglite® Pro LED Flashlight.  This is perfect for travel, to keep in a vehicle, toolbox or just to have around the house.  It has a powerful bean that can travel almost 2 football fields.  

Mini Maglite LED

It has a compact design, comes in 8 fashionable colors and also boasts that dynamic power management and the same 15% off code above!  You for sure should check out this flashlight if you are looking for a portable everyday carry flashlight option. 

4. The Original Huy Fong Foods Sriracha Almonds 

If you are a foodie and love a good snack but are also looking for something a bit healthier, you are going to go “nuts” for the flavor of these Original Huy Fong Foods Sriracha Almonds.  I was super excited to sink my teeth into these and boy were they really good.  

Sriracha Almonds

Combining premium crunchy almonds from California roasted in peanut oil, with the bold, authentic Sriracha flavoring makes these almonds make the perfect spicy snack. I eat these by the handful and love that this healthy snack doesn’t require sacrifice. 

5. G-SHOCK GBD100 Watch from Casio 

I really love a good watch, but I have been looking for a watch that has a bit of a smaller face and a wristband that is able to move with me while I am working and sweating.  The G-Shock GBD100 Watch from Casio was on my wishlist and when I opened this, I was really excited to check out everything the advertisements boasted. 

G-Shock Move Watch

With Bluetooth® capabilities that allows you to have continuous connection with your smartphone, as well as notification from your phone to your watch, step tracking, distance measurements, GPS connectivity and more.  The display on the watch is a high-definition MIP LCP and is easy to read, even in the dark.  It is a great training watch and with my wife and I working on our health goals, the training function and data is really great. Check out more about the G-SHOCK MOVE watch here

6.The Bob Ross Cookbook

I have been really working on cooking more for my family, but I also want to bring new recipes into our home.  The Bob Ross Cookbook: Happy Little Recipes for Family and Friends by Robb Pearlman piqued my interests.  It offers recipes for craveable comfort food and ways to find joy in the kitchen’s happy little accidents, just like our old friend Bob Ross would want.  

Bob Ross Cookbook

With Bob Ross’ art and quotes throughout and full-color food illustrations this cookbook features easy-to-follow recipes and is the perfect nostalgic Father’s Day gift for the foodie or Bob Ross enthusiast in your life.  I am personally really excited to get into these recipes and spread some food joy with my own family. 

7. Grill Pan from ANOLON 

To add to the cookbook above, if you are a grill master or looking to work on those grill skills, the 11-inch deep square grill pan from ANOLON is the first anodized nonstick cookware that is ultra-durable, easy to clean, has gently molded handles for comfort and a thick stainless-steel base for easy searing. 

Anolon Grill Pan

Anolon cooks like cast iron but cleans like a nonstick pan.  I hate cleaning up the grilling mess, but this little pan makes clean up easy. If you are looking for a good grilling pan that is easy to clean and is expertly crafted check out this great indoor grilling option. 

Which of these Father’s Day Gift Ideas would the Dad in your life want?

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