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Emberlynn’s Birth Story

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A week ago today I gave birth to the 2nd part of my soul.  I am stunned by how amazing she is and how happy I am.  I thought I would be more overwhelmed, tired, emotional and fearful, but the reality is that right now I am just so happy.  Most birth stories are all dialation, waiting, epic pushing battles…Emberlynn’s is none of that but its still her story and it deserves to be shared.

On Monday March 11th, I woke up and took a shower around 5:00am.  I continued to get ready and grab the last remaining items for our hospital bag.  I finally woke Jason up around 6:00am as we needed to leave by 6:30 to get to the hospital at 7:30.  Jason got dressed and started packing the truck full of all the things I was bringing.  There was my bag, the diaper bag, my computer bag (that I NEVER used), my nursing pillow, the car seat and of course the big brother gift!  Even in my new truck it was a lot of stuff.  We jumped in the truck and headed to the hospital eager to meet our little girl.

The entire drive to the hospital I was quiet and nervous.  I kept checking Facebook and trying to distract myself from the impending surgery.  I was so scared!  Once we got to the hospital, Jason grabbed a few things (definitely not all our stuff!) and we went to check in.  After we checked in, they walked us up to labor & delivery and put me in a triage room.  We had a wonderful OR nurse named Jessica and she proceeded to hook me up to a bunch of monitors to check on baby.  She also tried to put in an IV and blew a vein on my left hand.  I didn’t mind though because I have super tough veins and so its typical for them to have to stick me more than one time.  She got the IV in my other wrist just fine, drew a few vials of blood and then hooked me up to some antibiotics (I guess that is protocol for surgery) and left us to hang out for a while.  In my hang out time, I peed about 40000 times, which is super fun when you are hooked up to an IV.  Also the anesthesiologist came in and explained the spinal to me, then the operating doctor came in and then it felt like minutes later, they came in and had me walk back to the OR room.

Baby Time!

The walk was fine, Jason followed us and put our stuff in the recovery room and waited to be called in.  I walked into the OR room and proceeded to say “Oh shit this just got real!”  I then told the anesthesiologist that he could start injecting whatever drugs he wanted that would calm me down.  Everyone was laughing but I was being completely freaking serious!  The had me climb onto the OR table, the anesthesiologist had me curl up and he put the spinal in.  He told me my butt would get really hot and it did!  Like insane hot and then they laid me back and prepped me for surgery as my body continued to numb.  I asked the anesthesiologist if they would check a small area to make sure I was completely numb, he peeked over the curtain and said “did you feel that?”  I said “No” he said “well they just stabbed you, I think your good!”

They brought Jason in and a few tugs, some very small pressure and the most beautiful screeching baby cry ensued.  I just kept asking Jason if she looked like Eyan and Jason kept telling me that he didn’t know.  Little did I know he was trying to wait for me to be the first to see her…I just wanted him to make sure she was ok even though she was crying so loudly there was no question she was.  They brought her over to me and immediately I could see how much Eyan and her looked alike.  My babies are perfect and beautiful and I was SO happy.  They let me kiss her and touch her head and she was a bit sticky from all the vernix, but perfect nonetheless.  They took her and Jason out to do the bath and some other typical baby stuff and they sewed me up.  I proceeded to get super nauseous during this and almost threw up, but my friend the anesthesiologist pushed something amazing into my IV and I felt immediately better.  I guess my blood pressure was getting a bit low which is what made me sick.  The doctors and I were joking around, I made sure to have them check my appendix (which the doctor had joked with me about prior to surgery) and once they were done they put me on my regular hospital bed and wheeled me out of that room around the corner to the recovery room.  They brought Emberlynn over to me, but wouldn’t sit me up because my blood pressure still wasn’t cooperating (thank you blood pressure for being my arch nemesis!) and then they tried to have me nurse her, but honestly it wasn’t working and I was getting pissed because I could not get her to latch correctly and I just wanted to sit up.  Eventually everything leveled out and they took me to my hospital room and Emberlynn and I nursed!  Perfection!

Daddy peeking at our little beauty
Seeing her for the first time
Getting cleaned up after delivery!

Eyan and my parents came in a few minutes later and he exclaimed “She is so beautiful!”  He gave her his gift that he bought her and she gave him one too!  They snuggled and stayed about an hour and then left.  Emberlynn, Jason and I spent hours bonding and just staring at our precious gift from God.

Eyan seeing baby sister for the first time
Getting his big brother gift!  He loved all the toy story stuff!
Eyan holding baby sister!  Such a happy boy!
Emberlynn Rose…my littlest love

We are elated and on cloud nine to have our family complete.  The adjustment of 2 kids has been completely fine and although I am sure we are in the honeymoon stage, Eyan has been great and I am so happy to have 2 healthy, beautiful and perfect kids!

My family!

Sharing is caring!

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