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Christmas 2016

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Around midnight on Christmas, I had this epiphany.  2016 has by far been the worst year for our family as far as depression, anxiety and financials go.  However, our issues are only American issues. Comparatively, my family and I are so blessed.  We have a beautiful home, more than one reliable vehicle, jobs, our physical health and family that loves us.  We were able to have a Christmas that many cannot and we are beyond thankful.

Our Christmas weekend celebrations started at my parent’s house.  We gathered with my parent’s, great uncle, and my sister and her family for a nice dinner and some presents.  Of course my favorite nugget was dressed in his best and we had to do a photoshoot.  Obviously I am his favorite aunt and he loves to pose with me.

We also had an exciting dance party (which you can view here), and some quality discussions that included a lot of happy smiles, drooling and squeals because we love each other SO much!

The kids took the classic photos in front of the Christmas tree’s and we opened gifts.  My kids were spoiled by my family and had a great Christmas.  The nugget slept through gifts and but I hear he enjoyed the noisy toys that we purchased him.

Christmas morning is normally full of family.  My parents and the hubby’s Aunt come over and we open gifts.  However, the night before the tiny girl’s eye was goopy and pink.  So of course we woke the next morning with full blown pink eye.  No guest’s needed to share in that fun.  So we had a quiet Christmas morning for the first time with just our family. 

I shop year round for Christmas.  When I find something on clearance or great deals then I purchase it.  This year with our finances being pretty tight I was so thankful that I had found such great clearance deals throughout the year.  The only gifts that I had to find before Christmas for our kids were the ones that they asked Santa for. 

Our oldest has been begging for a Wii U.  I had tried valiantly to find a good deal on one and came up empty handed.  Finally on Thanksgiving, I snagged a great Ebay win well within budget that left a bit of our budget over for the Skylanders set he had also asked for.  We had one very happy little boy!

The littlest peanut has an obsession with Moana right now and has been very clear in asking for a Moana dress and the pig.  The dress was an easy black Friday find, the accessories and pig were not as easy, but I managed to get those on a great deal too.

Our kids were so happy and so blessed and so were the husband and I!  Although 2016 has not been our year, it has not been a complete disaster.  We are ending it with an appreciation for each other, love and many blessings.  
I hope your Holiday’s were great!


Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.