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Happy 10th Birthday

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I am a little late in sharing this post, but this last week has been quite crazy and honestly with all this social distancing, it has been overwhelming.  However, the best part of our week was that you sweet boy, turned 10 and that is a BIG deal in our lives. I am so lucky to be your mama and thankful every single day that you came into our lives 10 years ago. 

Things I Don’t Want to Forget

You are my technology guru and love to play video games, watch youtube shows and are dying to get your own cell phone (spoiler kid, it’s not happening).  You are up for trying out anything that has to do with technology and you honestly are gifted in troubleshooting and the videos you make are just perfection. 

I find that you are at peace most when you are in nature.  You are so much like your daddy and grandpa and live for being outside, in nature, camping, fishing, riding ATV’s and in general just being surrounded by fresh air, birds tweeting and that flowing water.  You can stand at the edge of a lake for hours without complaint. 

You don’t love school, but you continue to try and to work and learn because you know that mom and dad value education.  These last two years of school have been a big change, with a new school building, new teachers and so much more.  You are learning more about who you are, the type of people you want to be friends with and kindness above all.  I am proud of you for continuing to find your place in this world and for trying your best. 

That sister of yours is both your best friend and your greatest nemesis.  I remember that relationship with my sister being very similar and I have hope that the two of you will only continue to become closer.  She just adores the heck out of you and you have been the best big brother to her.  You set a great example and are quick to point out when she is not living up to your high expectations.  I love that you will still sit and play with her, but man does it drive me nuts when the two of you decide to fight.  

You are probably the biggest homebody in the entire family.  You are stubborn and truly only want to go places when you feel like it.  If we need to go somewhere you will fight us and pout, but the minute we decide to go somewhere that you like, you are rushing us out of the house.  You make me laugh, always have jokes to tell and are probably the best snuggler ever.  You take your chores seriously, love hard and are passionate about your interests. 

You have had a big year and none of us will forget that the most cautious person in our family, was the first child to break a bone and you were a champ through the entire experience.  Year 9 was full of learning how to ride a bike, how to overcome obstacles, how to choose friends that bring out the best in you and that challenges will come at you constantly.  You showed us just what a strong and amazing child we have raised and I am excited to see where year 10 takes you. 

Happy 10th Birthday my Sweet Boy.

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.