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About Us

This blog originally started as a place for Laura to share about their life.  Recently, Jason began sharing as well.  Check out how you can contact either of them to work with us! 

Meet Laura

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Hey There!  I’m Laura, a Colorado native and lifestyle/parenting blogger.  I am an early 30’s mama to two extraordinary children, and a loving wife to my husband of 11 years.  When I am not blogging you might catch me playing some roller derby, traveling to Disney, the Rocky Mountains, any beach, or possibly even teaching.  I am a high school science teacher with a Bachelor’s in Biology minoring in linguistic diverse studies and education.  I also have a Masters degree in STEM education with an emphasis in research.  I enjoy spending lazy days with my family, cleaning (yes I know it’s weird), organizing, decorating any space you can throw at me, throwing parties, crafting and cooking.

Meet Jason

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Hi!  I am Jason.  I have an extensive background in basically everything and I enjoy tinkering with things and trying out new technologies.  I have dealt with mental health and am sharing more of my story to help other people open up and get the help they need.  I enjoy sports, grilling anything you can throw at me and spending time with my family checking out the great outdoors.  I also love traveling and spending time with our family in our RV!  Laura and I have been together for 18 years and you can read how we met here.

We Got the Funk?

Over 18 years ago, at the tender age of sixteen, we met and fell head over heels in love. After dating for 7 years we were married and started trying for a family.  Our trials were hard and our losses were even harder.  Finally, after nearly 2 years we welcomed our first child.  We Got the Funk was founded shortly after as a way to initially chronicle our family life as a sort of online scrapbook. Overtime it evolved into a place where we could share my passions of design, crafts, food and inspiration along with our family stories.
In the 8 years that We Got the Funk has been running it has become a huge resource for people looking to grab a recipe, create something amazing on a budget, design a dream space or just visit to build camaraderie in the parenting world.  We write to inspire others and to connect with other people.
We Got the Funk

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Meet Our Awesome Kids!

Our reason for starting this blog is this boy right here.  I call him Mister Man or Little Guy in my posts, as I am that overprotective worried mama.  He is 9 years old and is smart, tech savvy and a little ornery.  He is all boy and could live outside if I let him.  The boy lives for camping, fishing, ATVing, video games and toys.  He breathed life into my soul when he took his first breath, which was probably the craziest birth story you will ever read. Take a peek at how this wild child erupted into this world through his Birth Story.
Meet the second 1/2 of my soul…The Tiny Peanut or The Princess as she prefers to be called. We call her our tiny peanut because she literally did not grow for a while.  While our son struggled in his first days of life, our daughter just was a tiny girl with a daunting failure to thrive diagnosis.  After a long battle, we finally crossed the 25 lb mark around 3 yrs old and we are not looking back at that diagnosis! This little one is hysterical, but steals hearts everywhere she goes.  She has her own sense of style, insists on dresses, high heels and bows and is her mama’s right hand girl.  I never knew how much I wanted a girl until this one fell into my heart. You can read more about the Peanut’s Birth Story here.

Popular Posts

As you browse through my site you will see that I write about so many different topics.  I go from discussing the day to day activities of my family and our struggles and championships, to creating recipes that my family loves.  I will write about the never ending home improvement projects that I continue to work on (even though our house is still “new”), and then show my readers how to create beautiful spaces on a budget.  I love sharing tips, I love to inspire, and I absolutely love trying new things.  The posts below are some of my readers favorites!  Take a peek and let me know what you think.
I put my heart and soul into this blog.  I spend countless hours perfecting my craft and I am constantly working to do even more amazing things. Email me and let’s see what I can create for you!

Brand Ambassadorship and Social Influencer Relations

It took me a couple years to take the leap into blogging as a businesswoman.  For years I had written about products and items that my family used and loved without building partnerships.  My goal for my blog is to continue to share our love of various brands and organizations through ambassadorships, sponsored posts and reviews.  However, more importantly, I want to create partnerships.  Not only with brands, but with my readers.  My audience is strong and continues to come back because they value the content, the anecdotes and the storytelling in my posts. Please contact me if you are interested in building a partnership.

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