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3 Reasons a Wildgrain Bread Subscription Box is a MUST Have

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If you love bread but want a clean, higher quality, nutritional option, then check out Wildgrain bread subscription boxes & 3 Reasons they are a MUST have!

Disclosure: I am partnering with Wildgrain. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

3 Reasons a Wildgrain subscription box is a must have

What is Wildgrain?

Wildgrain is a family passion project focused on high quality carbohydrates packed in a fantastic bread subscription. The food is created with clean ingredients and used artisanal processes that have awesome nutritional benefits.

Wildgrain bread Subscription box

Wildgrain is a bread subscription box but they have so much more! From pastas to bread and desserts too, the selection is great. I also really like that they offer a couple different box options a month to choose from. This month we got the April Mixed box that came complete with a plain sourdough loaf, fettuccine pasta, sesame sourdough loaf, slow fermented cranberry pecan loaf, tonnarelli pasta, fudge brownies and FREE croissants!

3 Reasons a Wildgrain Bread Subscription Box is a MUST have

Wildgrain has perfected their recipes, making delicious food that you can tell the difference in the quality. This bread subscription box is anything but average and here are just 3 reasons that Wildgrain is a MUST have!

  1. Free Delivery & No Commitment: Your bread subscription is shipped fresh to your door with no commitment to purchase. You can skip or reschedule or heck even cancel at anytime. Makes keeping the freezer stocked or going on vacation stress free because you do not have to worry about being home for deliveries or if you are going to have space for the next box to arrive.
  2. Freezer to Table FAST: Food goes from freezer to table in 25 minutes or less which for a busy family is amazing. You get all the benefits of the clean ingredients and long fermentation processes without spending hours of precious time and without thawing.
  3. FREE Croissants for Life: One of my favorite breads is a croissant. I live for those buttery, flakey bits of heaven and from now through April 30th if you sign up for your Wildgrain bread subscription you will get free croissants for life!

In addition to those fantastic reasons, Wildgrain also makes sure to support small bakeries around the US and they give back to those in need by providing 6 meals to the Greater Boston Food Bank for every new member that signs up. The reviews are top notch and the food is even better.

Trying Our First Bread Subscription

As someone with a lot of food allergies as well as diabetes, it was important for me to find a clean carbohydrate option. I REALLY love bread but the store brands are full of unnecessary sugars and even the low carb ones just don’t cut it. I was super excited to get our first Wildgrain Bread Subscription this month and boy did it exceed all my hopes.

Cooking Wildgrain pasta

Our first night with Wildgrain was after an insanely busy day at work, which culminated in my husband having to work late and me forgetting to pull out anything to thaw. Wildgrain saved the evening and I was super happy to test out that frozen to table guarantee.

Kid helping to prepare meal

We decided to have some fettuccine alfredo with ham and croissants for dinner. I was a bit skeptical that I could have dinner ready with assistance from my little helper in under 30 minutes but sure enough, it was done just as promised!

Wildgrain meal from bread subscription box

The kids and I devoured our plates and I had to talk both of them out of eating my husbands portions because they loved the food so much. What was even better though, was how I felt after eating what normally would be a carbohydrate crash meal. I didn’t crash. I actually had energy and felt really good.

enjoying a wildgrain meal

Who would have guessed a little bread subscription box could make such a big difference in how I feel and allow me to enjoy my favorite foods again! Oh and did I mention those croissants? Yeah, they were a favorite.

girl eating a croissant

If you are looking to change up your carbohydrate options to something cleaner, sustainable and that just tastes better, make sure to check out a Wildgrain bread subscription box now! Oh and you can save $10 off your first order with the code “FUNK10“!

Get you some free croissants and jump into the Wildgrain bread subscription box today!

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