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Whoa…What Happened?

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Last week was insanity.  I had all these huge plans to work on this little blog, finish up all my grad classes, spend some awesome time with my kids, clean, organize and relax.  Spring break 2016 was looking really awesome for this teacher…and then my body nearly shut down.  I am not sure I have been that sick ever.

So much happened last week and I wanted to share it all, but I literally could not hold my head up or stay fully conscious for very long.  When I was alert I was doing my best to take care of my kids and even that was pretty limited.  I have never been more thankful for my Husband, mom and my oldest because they pretty much ran the show last week.  My husband said he had never seen me sleep so much and go in and out of alertness so much as he did last week.  I probably should have went to the emergency room, but honestly getting me off the couch would have taken an ambulance and I would have fought it.  I am a stubborn, awful, patient.

Our spring break started out pretty good.  On Friday April 1st, was my little sisters big ultrasound for my upcoming nephew!  I got to tag along and really enjoyed being a part of that special day.

This little one accompanied me to the ultrasound and was not interested at all

The following day we had a funeral for my husbands aunt that was beautiful.  His family is all but disappearing and it breaks my heart.  I love his family so much and cannot believe the heartbreak that they have endured in nearly 7 years.  To recap, his grandparents on his mothers’ side had 6 kids.  In 2009 his mom passed away, 6 months later in 2010 her twin sister passed, a few years later his uncle passed, last year his grandfather passed and then a few weeks ago his aunt passed.  His poor grandma has buried 4 of her 6 children and a husband in 7 years.  It has not been easy and we are getting far too good at planning funerals and memorials in this family. Nevertheless, the memorial service was wonderful.

Sunday was the start to the beginning of the end.  I woke up just feeling stuffed up and had a massive headache.  My eyes hurt to open and I was just tired.  So the majority of the day the kids and I snuggled up and watched movies, it was really a nice day.  We did run out to my moms for a little bit so I could get a nap in while they played.

Playing at Grandmas.  Thankful for this woman!

By Monday however, I was beginning to stress out.  My final presentation was the following day for graduate school and it was a pass or fail scenario.  You either did well and defended your research and passed the program or you did not and graduation was out of reach.  I was still feeling pretty terrible, so my mom came and grabbed my kids for a couple hours.  I finished prepping and then she brought the babies back and we spent the rest of the evening cuddled up on the couch.

My Presentation

Tuesday was my presentation.  I am not sure how I got my kids ready, I do not remember even getting myself ready.  I have no clue how I got up to school an hour away and although I was very lucid and poised for my presentation, I know that I read through the entire script I had written the day before.  I did very well according to my professors and I passed my presentation.  I was so very relieved.  They took me to grab some lunch and by that point I was pretty alert.  The entire day after that was a blur.  I think this is the point that I started sleeping a lot.


Wednesday through Friday I did very minimal.  I slept a good majority of these days.  I literally think that my son and daughter ate Lunchables, yogurt, chips, granola and cereal…all of which they pretty much got themselves.  I did my best to get them out of the house and get over to my moms when I could muster up enough energy.  I know one day I was able to get to the bank to pay a bill and another day, the kids and I made it to the grocery store where they pushed the kids buggy around and bought pretty much whatever they wanted.  In total I think I was away from the couch for about 1 hour those days.  I would come home from those excursions and sleep for 5-6 hours.  We did not have a home cooked meal for 10 days.  We used nearly every cup in the house, we were out of laundry and my house was unlike I had ever lived in.  It was awful.  I was wishing for death.

The little one was dressing herself

Friday night was the topper to it all.  My son lost his tooth and just as we were getting everything ready for bed, my daughter vomited all over (me, the floor, herself), and my husband was down and out with something as well.  I was sure that just as I was beginning to feel human that my kids and husband were on the downward spiral.  I slept on my daughters floor that evening because her fever would not break and I was a worried mama.  I hardly slept, and although I had done pretty much nothing for the week but sleep, I was still so tired.

The 2nd lost tooth!  He pulled it out himself and then the dang tooth fairy failed. 

I was sure that Saturday was going to be awful and we had two very important events to go to.  To top this off, the dang tooth fairy FORGOT to do her job.  The heartbroken little face and tears that I had to console were awful.  I have never let my kid down, and for the first time, I did and it was wretched.  I told him that I forgot and set the house alarm so she probably couldn’t get in.  We would try again that evening and I would make sure to turn the alarm off.

Saturday did have its pluses, somehow by a miracle, every single person woke up feeling much better.  I was able to shower and actually get myself ready to enjoy a day.  The kids were feeling good, the husband was 10x better and finally I felt a reprieve. We enjoyed a fantastic day with friends and family celebrating some milestone birthdays and just finally getting some fresh Colorado air. It was awesome.

Sunday came around and that dang tooth fairy had her life back together.  The little boy was elated and I was able to pick up my house finally.  Get some real grocery shopping done and do some laundry.  Just in time to be back at work.

Spring Break 2016 was not my favorite. It had a lot of positives, but I would have much rather spent better quality time with my children and actually accomplished some things off my “to do” list. Either way, I am finally on the mend.  Not 100%…more like 75% but I am headed in the right direction.

I hope your spring break was much better than mine!


Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.