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What to Wear After Tummy Tuck

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Having a tummy tuck & not sure what to wear post surgery? Check out these affordable & comfortable options for what to wear after tummy tuck or mommy makeover.

What to wear after Tummy tuck.  Affordable and comfortable options

What to Wear After Tummy Tuck

As I prepared for my tummy tuck recovery, one of the questions I continued to search for was what to wear after a tummy tuck. I knew that finding an outfit that was easy to put on after surgery, easy to use the restroom in and comfortable to wear to sleep in was important.

Strapless dress on lady standing on porch
This is a new picture but the exact dress I wore. I still LOVE it.

I went into the surgical center wearing a t-shirt and leggins, however, I actually brought a strapless dress that the nurses complimented me on saying that it was literally the best thing to wear because it made getting me dressed easy…also no, I was not wearing underwear post surgery, however if you have a mommy makeover, they will likely put you into a bra.

Nightgown on lady post tummy tuck surgery
Pain meds in full effect.

I rotated out of the dress into this amazingly soft nightgown that was super flowy, very comfortable and lightweight and easy to move around in. Once I felt like I was ready for an “outfit” I moved into leggings and shirts along with other dresses. I want to make sure that you know that you do NOT want a binding legging waistband. I personally wear the Lularoe type leggings.

lady standing in closet taking selfie of tummy tuck outfit.

Ultimately what you wear after a tummy tuck really depends on what you feel the most comfortable in and what does not cause irritation. Look for clothes that are soft, that are tagless and that are stretchy (cause swelling is a thing).

Tummy Tuck Clothing Amazon Suggestions

If you are looking to purchase now, check out some of the items that I recommend based on what I wore from Amazon. These are either exactly what I wore or very close to what I wore.

Post surgery Dress:

I would personally cut the straps off of this dress, but this is nearly exact to the one that I wore. Mine was from Walmart probably a decade ago, but this is REALLY close to the one I had and the nurses loved.

Blue strapless dress

It is called the Timathous womens summer spaghetti strap cover up and runs $27.00 and I wear this to this day! Click here to purchase.


No joke, I love this nightgown and I STILL wear it weekly. It is so incredibly comfortable and soft.

Grey nightgown

This nightgown is made by Ekouaer and has a lot of different color options. I need to personally purchase more because they are they BEST. You can purchase yours here.

Easy to Wear Clothing

The last two items I am including are the t-shirts and legging options. I have this t-shirt and really like it. The one I am wearing in the image above is from Shein and is no long available, but this shirt is just as comfy.

Panel tshirt with hem knot

The shirt is a dry wick tee with a hem knot and is priced between $12-$15 depending on design and size. You can purchase this shirt here. The leggings that I wore are Lularoe, but I found a comparable option on Amazon with a waistband that I think would fit comfortable.

black leggings

These leggings are made by conceited and come in a variety of colors. This two pack is about $30 and also come in capri options! Click here to check these out.

I hope these suggestions on what to wear after tummy tuck are really helpful. Make sure to also check out my recovery items post as well as some before and after images of my surgery.

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Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.