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Quick and Easy Valentine’s Bubble Printable

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If you are anything like me, you just realized that it is Valentine’s Day tomorrow, your children need boxes, treats and of course you have parent teacher conferences this week so you are struggling to find time.  If that is you, then this is the no stress, last minute Valentine bubble printable is for you.

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First thing is to quickly gather your supplies, run to the store, hit up the party supplies and grab some bubbles.  There are ALWAYS bubbles (shoot if you cant find some, just search your kids toy boxes, I am sure there are a bazillion in there too).  If you want you can grab some ribbon or string too.  Then go home, print off my quick cheeky bubble printable and start assembling.

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I had my kid help cut the valentines apart, then he wrote his name in the heart and punched the holes.  I tied the bubbles on and viola, we had some cute, no candy, fun valentine’s that all kids will enjoy and it took a total of 10 minutes of our time!  No stress, no frustration about writing the other kids names, no arguing from my children, no overly lovey sayings, just quick and easy.

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The printable is easy to download here and has 8 of them on a sheet.  You could download them into your word processor and make them even smaller if you wanted to save paper.  You could also print them on card stock for a bit more durability.  For my littlest one, I added a text box inside the heart and typed her name to save time.  I am all about making this simple and quick!

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They look adorable, my kids are both happy to give them out and they were so easy to make.  I know they will be a hit in the classroom because kids love bubbles.  Seriously, that is why they are in nearly every gift bag and why there are tutorials on how to make your own bubble everything.  Bubbles are life and they are not full of sugar so parents will love you too.  It is a win-win!

Valentines Bubble Printable

So get poppin’ and make some of these cute Valentine’s and share with your friends, because they also want to save time and still look like a parent that has their life together too!

Happy Nearly Valentine’s Day!

Sharing is caring!

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