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Update to Jason’s Heart

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Last night after I got home from an exhausting day at work, Jason told me he had some bad news.  My first thought was (excuse my language), “Fuck, what the hell is happening now.”  I kept that thought to myself and asked my hubby what the news was.

He told me that his grandpa was in ICU because his blood clots in his lungs had returned and that he an pneumonia.  This has me super freaked out because Jason’s grandpa is like his dad and losing another MAJOR person in our life is exactly what we do not need.  It has been enough to lose Jason mother, aunt, mom’s best friend, and all the other family and friends that we have lost in the last 3 years.  Another pivotal person in our lives would be detrimental to our psyche.  We are trying to heal and move past all the negative.  I pray almost every night for the health of our friends and family and a reprieve from all the sadness we have been experiencing.  I feel like enough is enough.  We are already trying to cope with the most recent loss of angel baby #2, please GOD let us catch our breaths.  Jason assured me that grandpa is doing better and that he should be fine, but he will be on this crappy medicine for the rest of his life.  I LOVE Jason’s family and adore his grandparents like crazy!  I will continue to pray for Grandpa’s recovery and I hope that you will join me in this prayer.

So onto the meat of this post.  Jason’s heart.  After hearing nothing for almost a week after his wonderful venture with the heart monitor, we assumed that Jason’s heart was just fine and that possibly he was just dealing with a lot of stress.  Umm we were wrong to assume that.  Jason got a message from the cardiologists scheduling an echocardiogram (ECG) with no other news of what the heck is going on.  About 4 hours later Jason’s actual doctor called and said that we would be getting a call to schedule the ECG and that the heart monitor showed that Jason is having some Ventricular Ectopy.  Immediately freaked out!

So I googled it, and I found out a couple things:
1. Ventricular Ectopy basically means that his heart has an extra beat that originates in the bottom half of his heart before it is supposed to, so his heart rate and pulse are sped up.  Although almost every single person in the world has an occasional ectopic beat, Jason is having them way to frequently which tells us that there is a possible problem.

2. One of those problems is that it very well could be that he has too many stimulants in his body and it is causing his heart to beat way to fast.   Jason works graveyards so he drinks a lot of Monster Energy Drinks, coffee, 5 hour Energy drinks, chocolate, nicotine and other crap that is probably destroying his heart.

3.  Another more terrifying possibility is that he has heart disease.  Um Fuck…this better not be the problem.

All I know is that I am praying my ass off right now and begging God, Allah, Buddah and any other religious figures for some help.  Please get us through this and PLEASE just let it be all the crap he is putting in his body and not an actual disease.  Please, please, please!!!

Sharing is caring!

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Friday 6th of January 2012

Wow, my professional opinion (even though I am an Vet) would be - totally it is the stimulants!!! He needs to stop doing that to his body!! Those monster drinks and 5 hour energy drinks are terrible for you. He needs to start looking into natural ways to get energy, eat right, fruit and vegies, get enough sleep!! Not sure if you have ever had stimulants before but the increase in heart rate and extra beats are actually those pesky little ectopic ventricular beats. You should have him stop these before going in for the ECG AND these are considered drugs and should be told to his Dr the amt he has been taking!!! Good luck Laura and hopefully 2012 brings you and your family happiness and good health!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.