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Trying New Things in My 30’s

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Call it a midlife crisis, or call it just wanting to learn some things, but with all the time we have had this year I realized that I needed to make sure self care was at the front of where I should be focusing my time.  There was so much I had never done and I decided that I was ready to start trying new things in my 30’s!

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Trying New Things in My 30’s

I turned 36 this year and something in my soul was telling me that I needed to try new things and learn how to do stuff that I feel like most adult women have a handle on. I have always really enjoyed self care and I feel like when I am taking good care of myself, I am a better person in general.  Usually I leave a good chunk of this up to the professionals, but honestly, I wanted to learn and try and so I took on some fun for fall.  So here I am trying new things in my 30’s and sharing some of that fun with ya!

Dyeing my Hair with eSalon

One of those things I wanted to learn was dyeing my hair.  I have had highlights before, but I have never fully dyed my hair a different color…ever. So when I had the opportunity to get my hands on some hair color, I jumped at it. 

eSalon custom hair coloring kit

I set up an account on eSalon and followed the simple prompts to choose a custom hair color combo that I liked based on my current hair color and texture.  The process was super simple and I liked the idea that I had a personal colorist looking at my photos, color goals, hair history and profile to make sure that the color I received would look incredible.  Nothing was premixed and everything was made to order and what I loved most about eSalon was that they do not mass produce which allows for less waste making it a more sustainable hair color option and better for our environment!  This biology teacher LOVES that. 

First time coloring my hair

I haven’t laughed as hard as I did while dyeing my own hair but also, I super loved that I used eSalon because I felt comfortable in knowing that a real person looked at me and my choices and made sure my color would look good.  I also was so happy that eSalon sent very clear directions that I could easily adhere to the mirror (sticker provided too) and rock through.  I was throwing on color, laughing, following those directions and having a great time going through this experience.  

Before and After with eSalon

I wanted a color that had a pearly effect to it and some red tones but nothing too drastic just yet.  Honestly, the color is INCREDIBLE.  It looks so good, natural, my hair is just light and airy and those greys are gone!  I felt great doing this and am so glad that I tried it out.  Also their shampoo and conditioner softened my hair so well and smell divine!  If you want to check out eSalon click on over to their website and get your profile going!

Plumping those Lips with GrandeLips

Makeup has been my nemesis.  You guys, I never wore it as a teenager or really even in my 20’s, so while every other girl was learning how to do their makeup by trial and error, I was just going to school with pillow marks on my face, hoping for the best.  I spent a good portion of my early 30’s trying to make an attempt at makeup only to look like a toddler who got into mom’s makeup bag.  This year though, I am investing and learning.  

GrandeLips Lip Plumper

One of the areas that I never can get quite right is my lips.  I knew I had to try a lip plumper and see if that helped to bring out my lips a bit more.  GrandeLips is a plumping gloss from Grande Cosmetics mad with hyaluronic acid and Volulip™.  It instantly plumps lips in 3-5 minutes and also hydrates them.  I also adore that it is a cruelty free product. 

Lip Plumper gloss selfie

**One time use per customer. Cannot be combined with other offers. Valid through 9/30/2020.

The gloss goes on light, there is a little tingle that dissipates quickly and then your lips start plumping up.  They are a bit fuller and I am excited to see what the long term use will get me!  Grande Cosmetics is offering my readers a special offer too! Use promo code “SELFCARE10” for 10% off your entire purchase on**.  

Skin & Nail Care with Kerasal

What sort of adult actually takes care of their skin?  The answer is basically every single one I know.  I have spent the last year really investing in my facial skin, but still neglecting the rest of my body.  Living in Colorado we have hot summers and drying winters.  My skin probably could use some more TLC and with that in mind, I decided to start with my feet. 

Kerasal skin and nail products

I go from flip flops to flats, to boots in the winter months in a week sometimes.  Colorado weather is nuts.  I definitely like my feet to look nice but with the drying weather that can for sure be an issue.  When I found Kerasal products, I knew I needed to try them out.  I will save you the foot photos and just share a bit about the products. 

Kerasal Intensive Foot Repair- My heels are feeling so much softer now after just a day using Kerasal Intensive Foot Repair.  This is honestly what I really like about the product.  It is clinically proven to loosen hard, dry skin and exfoliate while deeply moisturizing.  I put it on at night and by the morning my feet are soft and visibly nicer to look at and the feel better too. 

Multi-Purpose Nail Repair- I am a nail salon junkie, but with the shutdown I have really been avoiding my favorite pedicure salon.  My poor nails have seen better days and were so use to being manicured that my lackluster effort was showing.  I wanted to bring some life back to my feet and smooth and hydrate my nails after having gel nail polish on for years and gave the nail repair a try.  I like that the multi-purpose nail repair is #1 Dr. Recommended Brand and that visible improvements can be seen within a week of application.  Pretty excited for this!

Decompressing with A Fool’s Paradise

Reading use to be something that I truly just did not enjoy.  It took a special author or book to really get me to sit down and even then, I would start a book and it would take a year or more for me to finish it.  I am a teacher, I need to really spend more time reading and investing in that quiet storytelling time.  I have started to make 20-30 minute reading times for me daily to help decompress, get away from screens but still find some entertainment. 

Reading A Fool's Paradise

A Fool’s Paradise is a provocative novel with a great cast of characters who are on a quest for love, fulfillment, fame and fortune.  This suspenseful book is a page turner for sure and has made it easy for me to get back into a normal reading habit.  You can also grab this ebook for just $4.99 on Amazon!

Keeping germs at Bay with Born Basic

Ok, this is not actually anything new for me.  I have been a germaphobe longer than I can even remember and hand sanitizer is a lifeline for me.  However, my hands have taken a beating from the amount of washing and sanitizing I have been doing and so I needed to find a solution that would have a more of a moisturizing effect.  Born Basic is 62% alcohol which is a lower concentration but allows for more moisturizing while still killing those germs per FDA guidelines. 

Born Basic Hand Sanitizer

I have been using born Basic for a week now and my hands are definitely noticing a change.  I like that it doesn’t have that strong alcohol smell, it’s not sticky and that my hands are softening up already.  Born Basic is also priced really well, with the large 33 oz size only running you $5.99!  That is a steal! Saving that cash, while still being healthy is really something I am definitely working on and I am glad Born Basic has a great option for me.  Check them out online or find them exclusively at Target. 

Self Care Fall Babbleboxx

Have you been trying new things in your 30’s?

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