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Thanksgiving Garland Turkey with Cricut

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner and this Thanksgiving Garland Turkey made with the Cricut maker is sure to be a fun craft that makes a big statement!

Disclosure: I am partnering with Cricut. All opinions are my own.

Thanksgiving Garland Turkey Pin

Thanksgiving Garland Turkey with Cricut

I love the holidays and seasonal changes. I love it so much that I re-decorate our living room and kitchen spaces every single month to reflect the major holiday or seasonal changes. With Thanksgiving upon us, I wanted to add a bit more turkey love to our living room fireplace so I decided to make this adorable Thanksgiving garland turkey!

Materials to make thanksgiving garland

Materials for Your Thanksgiving Garland Turkey

You are going to need a few things to get started. The project is a Cricut project, so check out the list below to gather all your materials.

How to Make Thanksgiving Garland Turkey’s

Making these Thanksgiving garland turkey’s is actually super simple. Make sure you use my design located here. First start by setting up your mats. The wood will need to be on the strong grip mat and then your red, orange, yellow, black and brown vinyls can be put on a light or standard grip mat.

Using the Cricut Maker 3

Once the mats are all set up, follow the prompts in Cricut Design Space to cut out each of the individual pieces. The wood veneer will require the deep point blade so be sure to change your blade for this particular cut. This particular design will cut out 5 little turkeys, however, you can always customize to add more or less as needed.

How to put vinyl on wood with Cricut

Once all of your pieces have been cut out, grab your weeding tool (and shoot that Brightpad is great here as well) and prep each section of the turkey. Then you will need your Cricut transfer tape to begin layering each of the pieces onto your wood cutout.

Building Thanksgiving Garland

I started with the red layer first and placed that. Once that layer was stuck, I then layered on the orange layer. I used the same piece of transfer tape for each layer which actually helped as it didn’t grab on as hard to the part of the design that was already secured to the wood.

Layering Vinyl on wood

Once the feather pieces were on, I put the body, beak, feet and eyes on. I will say that I found the beak and legs to not be spaced well for some reason and so I ended up placing those separately. If for some reason you have some odd gaps, you can use your weeding tools to adjust them.

FInished wooden turkey with Cricut

The turkeys turned out so cute! Last step is to add a long piece of twine to them. Simply thread this through the holes so that the twine runs along the backside of the turkey. This will allow you to move the turkey pieces and position them to best fit your space.

Thanksgiving Garland Turkey

You will need to tie off the ends of your twine to hang the Thanksgiving garland as well. I placed ours on my fireplace mantel and I love how it pops out against the rock! My kids said it is their favorite Thanksgiving decoration that we have!

What do you think about this Thanksgiving Garland Turkey?

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.