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Space Jam: A New Legacy Review

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Old school nostalgia with a new flair? That is what Space Jam: A New Legacy brings. Read on to see our complete review.

Disclosure: We were invited to screen the movie. All opinions are my own.

Space Jam: A New Legacy Review

Space Jam: A New Legacy Review & Synopsis

Today is the day! After over 2 decades Space Jam: A New Legacy is in theaters. LeBron James hits center court in this family friendly feature that brings back our old school Looney Tunes with some new school talent.

Space Jam 2 Movie Poster

Space Jam: A New Legacy, follows King James through his career to the present with his family. The film focuses on the relationship between LeBron and his son Dom as they navigate through their differences and tackle an adventure that is literally out of this world. Overcoming the villainous Al G Rhythm (Don Cheadle) with the help of the Tune Squad, Dom & Lebron James come through stronger and closer than ever.

Old School with A New Flair

I have to be honest, I wasn’t exactly sure how Warner Bros, was going to pull together the remake/follow up to what my generation would call a classic. I mean how do you follow Michael Jordan? They did it by taking it old school with a new flair and bringing LeBron James into the mix.

Al G Rhythm with LeBron James & Dom

It wasn’t just the cast, it was the storyline. As a kid growing up, our parents kept us active and in athletics and focused on school, the technology that we have now, was not available then. It is hard for us to now understand this digital generation as much and to relate to them when all we know is that physical hard work will pay off.

LeBron James & Tweety

Space Jam: A New Legacy beautifully showcases the internal struggle that parents go through when our children do not necessarily follow in our footsteps and how changing our perspectives and seeing the world through our children’s eyes can build a relationship that is stronger than ever and even teach us old guys some new skills.

Space Jam: A New Legacy Review

You also have to give it up for our classic Looney Tunes characters. Bugs, Taz, Tweety and the crew brought back the nostalgia, humor and excitement that we loved as kids and ushered in a new generation of fans. My kids were immediately asking about the original movie and shocked to learn that we had entire shows about these characters. Time for a rewind lesson on those classics for sure.

Watch Space Jam Now!

Space Jam 2 is now playing in theaters across the country. For HBOMax subscribers you can also stream it ad free until August 15th, however, I can assure you that you are going to want to see it NOW.

Space Jam 2 Review

Oh and also for a little fun, the executives at Warner Bros have also given everyone access to both the 1996 website and the 2021 which is super fun to look at and show the kids! Grab your tickets or your streaming subscription and bring back that nostalgia.

Anything you would add to the Space Jam: A New Legacy Review?

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