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Snap Ships Bring Playtime to Life

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Parents everywhere have been looking for ways to get kids off screens and playing more.  Well Snap Ships bring playtime to life and have been a wonderful way for my son to bring his imagination and building skills together!

Snap Ships Bring Playtime to Life

Finally Able to Play

When I shared that I was having a tummy tuck, one of the things that I had written was that I was unable to sit on the floor and play with my kids.  Surgery was just over a month ago and I am finally starting to get back to normal.  We had received these Snap Ships while I was recovering and my son has been dying to put them together. 

Building Snap Ships with Parent

He asked me yesterday if I could sit down with him and build the ships with him.  You guys, I did it and NO BACK PAIN!  I know that this is not a huge deal to anyone but me and the kids, but these moments where I can be an active mother with my children are what I have been yearning for and I know it made my sons entire day to have me on the floor building with him. 

Playing with mom on the floor

What are Snap Ships?

I learned about Snap Ships from a blogging conference.  When the company contacted me, I was actually super interested because the toy sounded like something my son would be very into.  Snap Ships are versatile building systems that allow the creator to build various ship models with one kit and have hours of fun action play with interchangeable pieces. Your child’s imagination can go wild creating with Snap Ships. 

Snap Ships toys

There are currently several collectable options of Snap Ships and you can grab them right on Amazon.  The sets come with an instruction book to build 3 different ship models, as well as a small action figure and a display stand.  

Snap Ships Pieces

The pieces are versatile, easy to put together and interactive.  My son followed directions easily and built his first ship in about 10 minutes.  Everything was color coordinated on the directions as well.  He also liked that he was able to move things around easily and that the Snap Ships came with a little flat head screwdriver type piece to help take the ships apart and move pieces. 

Building Snap Ships

Snap Ships Bring Playtime to Life

If you think that this is just another toy for your child to build and play with, you thought wrong!  Snap Ships has created a great app for kids and parents to bring playtime to life. Parents can download the  app for kids to track their collections, play in augmented reality and virtually battle.  

Playing with Snap Ships

My son would play on the app and then show me with his ships what was happening in the battle.  He loved the battle aspect of the app and seeing how the different ships maneuvered and what the weapons on each ship were capable of doing.  It was great time and I loved that he was so focused on interactive and imaginative play. 

Snap Ships Displayed

Snap Ships bring playtime to life in the best possibly way!  Grab yours today!

Disclosure: We are part of the Amazon Affiliates program.  Any purchases made through the links will result in a commission for this site.  In addition, we were provided with Snap Ships to test and review.  All opinions are our own. 

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.