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Setting Goals and Starting Small

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Each year I tell myself that THIS is the year that I am going to lose all that weight, get my health under control and be the new me that I know I can be. I cannot keep doing the same ol’ changes, so I have decided to take a step back and look at setting goals and starting small as I work toward a healthier me. This includes drinking more water and taking a supplement. 

Disclosure: I’ve partnered with Source Naturals® as part of an Influencer Activation and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. 

Setting Goals and Starting Small

The Ups and Downs

Oh, my weight and the focus I have had on health through the years. It is just a mess of ups and downs, and typical failure. I think that when I usually decide to jump into taking better care of myself, I tend to add about 40 new things into my routine, which in turn means that I fail pretty much immediately.  

35th Birthday

It gets to be so darn disheartening that eventually I give up for a while and all the progress that I did make fades away. The other night I was laying in bed thinking about how I need to focus on one thing at a time for at least 6 months before I add something new in. No more changing my diet, adding in exercise, drinking more water, counting steps, and taking vitamins all at once. Start small and work towards the big goal of overall healthy habits. 

Setting Goals & Starting Small

So I am taking my own advice, setting some short term and long term goals, but starting small. I know right now that I am stretched to the brim on time and that I am chugging more coffee than water. I know that I am stressed, I know that I am dehydrated, I know that my immune system is barely hanging on and that I need to focus on hydration and supporting my body’s natural health systems. 

Live Unstoppable

I have decided that I am going to focus on my water intake as well as taking a vitamin. Baby steps towards the big goal, but still moving in the right direction. My small goal right now is to increase my water intake by 50 oz a day (I currently drink maybe 8 oz) and to take a supplement that will help support my immune system and promote a healthy response to stress. 

Source Naturals® Wellness Formula®

I opted for a supplement that is high in vitamin C and vitamin A, has zinc in it as well as echinacea and elderberry. Source Naturals® Wellness Formula® had everything I was looking for and more, and it is the first supplement to deliver high-potency vitamin C along with 25 more nutrients and herbs all in 1 product! It is designed to help people unlock the power of wellness and has a goal to help everyone Live Unstoppable™. It is available at Walmart both online and in-store, which makes it super convenient too!

Tips to Drink More Water

Water is going to be the biggest struggle for me. I take a water bottle to work every single day that holds about 24 oz of water, and very rarely do I drink more than 8 oz of that. I think part of it is because the bottle is bulky to carry, the lid is not sturdy, and I have spilled it on papers before because the shape makes it a bit top-heavy.  

Prepping lunch

It is clear that the water bottle is not motivating me and that I am using it as a crutch to avoid drinking more water.  In addition to that, I have convinced myself that the water at my work tastes terrible, so I ration the water I bring which keeps me from drinking enough.  So I have set some guidelines for myself and created some positive tips to help me drink more water. 

Purifyou water bottle


  • Set a water goal: My goal is 50 oz in a 12 hour day, which is a little over 4 oz an hour. I think this is super attainable for me.
  • Get a Water Bottle You Like: It was time to get rid of that bulky water bottle that I disliked so much and upgrade to something amazing! I have had my eye on a glass water bottle for a long time, but you guys, I knock things over like a cat on catnip and would break it. I received this awesome glass water bottle that has a silicone covering to help protect it from my mishaps and I am in love.
  • Set reminders: Some people like to mark on their bottle with how much to drink when, which is a great idea, but I am not marking on this beauty. Instead, I have set reminders to go off from my phone that sync with my watch. I will get a gentle buzz on my watch and my plan is to just grab my water and drink it then and there. 
  • Download an App: There are some really awesome apps out there where you can record your water intake as well, and they give you little virtual rewards and encouragement!
  • Use a Portable Water Filter: Like I mentioned, I am picky about the water that I drink and I have highly sensitive senses of smell and taste. Using a portable water filter like this can help filter the water, reduce chlorine, make the water alkaline and improve the taste.  

Santevia Water Filter

Why I am Taking a Supplement

As a busy mom of 2, a wife, a full-time biology teacher and a full-time writer here, I am one of the busiest people I know. I do not sleep enough, I am constantly moving and lately, I have noticed that my body is beginning to fight back and show me that I need to slow down. I have been making more cognizant efforts to take on less, to reorganize schedules, and to take more time to just relax. If any of this sounds familiar to you, then I do have one more tip. Speaking with a licensed counselor can help you prioritize self-care and time to relax. The licensed counselors at BetterHelp can also help you stay motivated to reach your goals.

Taking a vitamin

I can tell that taking time for myself is helping, but my body was still needing more. Source Naturals Wellness Formula was recommended to me and after just a week of taking the supplement already, I am noticing that I am not feeling as stuffed up, I have slept a bit better and my stress seems a bit lower. The only change I have made this week was taking the Source Naturals Wellness Formula.

Source Naturals Wellness Formula and Purifyou Water Bottle

The vitamins and herbs in the Wellness Formula are designed to support your immune system, promote normal mucus production and keep your white blood cells healthy! In addition, it promotes a healthy response to stress. Source Naturals Wellness Formula so far has been a really great addition to my daily routine, and I think it will be really easy to keep up with along with the water intake.  

Are you with me to beginning setting goals and starting small on your journey to health? 

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