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3 Reasons Romeo and Juliet is a Great Date Night!

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Disclosure: I am partnering with The Colorado Ballet.  All opinions are my own.

It has been nearly 2 months since my husband and I have had a date night, so we went big and it was amazing.  We decided to attend The Colorado Ballet’s presentation of Romeo and Juliet, and we walked out completely blown away and awestruck with this amazing performance.

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3 photos above feature Yosvani Ramos and Sharon Wehner by Mike Watson

Date nights are few and far between with our schedules, however, we have really come to realize how important they are to our family dynamic and how when we put our marriage first, our family life is a million times smoother.  So when it comes to date nights, we try to make each one a little different.  We like to try new things, occasionally go back to our first dates some 18 years ago and in general look for ways to laugh, romance and spend time close to each other.  Romeo and Juliet did not disappoint and here are 3 reasons that we believe it was one of the best date nights ever!

Fight scene in Romeo and Juliet, Colorado Ballet presents Romeo and Juliet

Artists of Colorado Ballet by Mike Watson

1. Action Packed

Both of us went into this evening knowing that the story of Romeo and Juliet.  We knew that it was focused on love and that there would be some “fight” scenes, however, before the performance we were sure those would be offset with dancing and played down.  Nope, there were sword fights and blood and incredible acrobatics among that stunning dancing.  Even though I knew the outcome, it was definitely awesome to see the dancers and actors breathe life into this story!  We both agreed that the action scenes were super fun and brought a new dimension to the ballet.

Mercurtio and Tybalt fight scene, Romeo and Juliet Colorado Ballet

Artists of Colorado Ballet by Mike Watson

2. Humor

Every good date night needs some humor and Romeo and Juliet delivers.  Most of it is subtle but it is perfectly placed and definitely had the crowd laughing throughout.  Whether it is Juliet being a playful child, or Mercutio and Benvolio being silly with the harlots the humor in this show was well placed.  It was impressive that the dancers could make us laugh without saying even a word and that just their body language and silly looks into the crowd brought us to a roar of laughter.  Definitely needed and welcomed at any point!

Juliet and Paris meet photo, Juliet as a ballerina, Romeo and Juliet Colorado ballet

Christophor Moulton, Sharon Wehner and Gregory K. Gonzales by Mike Watson

3. Romance

Look, romance is what it is all about for date night. Romeo and Juliet is that classic romance story and you can feel the passion between those two “star-crossed lovers” throughout the entire performance.  As the Colorado Ballet performers take you through the love story, you see every emotion that Shakespeare was going for when he wrote this play.  It is flawless, powerful and in those beautiful moments, it brings couples together and reminds them of that passionate lust at the beginning of every relationship!  Every couple needs to be reminded of those moments.


Romeo and Juliet Colorado ballet, Star crossed lovers photo, Romeo and Juliet performance photo

Sharon Wehner and Yosvani Ramos and Artists of Colorado Ballet by Mike Watson

Overall we were so pleased and impressed with the Colorado Ballet’s presentation of Romeo and Juliet.  Even my husband who is not necessarily a fan of the arts, was awestruck at the athleticism and beauty that this presentation of Romeo and Juliet had.  The scenery was stunning and the dancers were incredible.  As someone with a performance background, I can usually spot when something is off or when there is a bit of a misstep and I did not see one moment where the performers looked even mildly out of sorts.  The scenery in this show is something out of fairytales.  Every time the curtain rose there were new elements and bright colors and amazing costumes that just brought everything together.  It was so elegant and just the perfect evening with my husband.

Romeo and Juliet Ballet, Romeo and Juliet death scene, Romeo and Juliet Colorado Ballet

Yosvani Ramos and Sharon Wehner by Mike Watson

Romeo and Juliet continues this weekend in Denver at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House and should not be missed.  Tickets start at $30.00 and I swear there is not a bad seat in that amazing venue.  In addition, you can also sign up for the Colorado Ballet’s season subscription for some can’t miss performances of, The Wizard of Oz, Sleeping Beauty, The Nutcracker and many more!

Balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet, Romeo and Juliet Ballet, Colorado Ballet

Sharon Wehner and Yosvani Ramos by Mike Watson


Have you been to Romeo and Juliet yet?

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