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Real Life

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I keep writing these posts, and then I completely forget to publish them because well, sleep.  The kind that I am not getting.  I think for a 5-night stretch I successfully managed 23 hours total.  Between homework, grading, planning, cleaning, crafting, and you know the big one…PARENTING, my brain is a foggy mess.  I think to explain this best, let’s take a glimpse into my parenting chaos!

This little girl has pushed every single button I have lately.  Seriously folks, I feel like there is not a moment to breathe raising her and that I am failing completely.  Today it took me almost 3 hours to get her to take a nap that she desperately needed.  She is into everything and she is fast like a cheetah. Take this lipgloss incident.  I mean we all put lipgloss over our entire faces right?

Then there is this boy.  He is such a people pleaser but still asserts his independence.  He loves video games (Super Mario, that is all) and science shows, but most of all he loves his friends and playing Power Rangers.  He is just as tired as I am and sleeps like a rock.  I had my first experience of having to leave work to pick him up from school because he vomited all over the playground.  Awesome.

Most days I spend arguing with this little girl over things like matching clothes, not taking 53 toys in the car with us, eating more than doughnuts and sleep.  Yeah, sleep is a big deal in our house. Basically the kids get sleep and the adults do not. 

Case in point.  She told us she was going upstairs to brush her teeth for the 15th time this day and came downstairs in her swim diaper and my swim bottoms.  Her daddy and I laughed so incredibly hard.  

They are so busy and so independent.  We had 2 birthday parties on Saturday and they were crazy little critters.  Neither would stay together.  I spent the entire day running after them, yelling and laughing.  I am pretty confident that I spent a good 30 minutes in time out with both of them because publicly we are a mess and I am basically a ranting lunatic. Real life. 

Then there was this “why is my toddler crying” moment?  She was crying because she didn’t want to be held, but then again she did, so she couldn’t decide if I should hold her or just put her down.  That was 45 minutes of crazy.

With all of that parenting happening, there was this serene moment while driving to breakfast yesterday.  I snapped a picture of 2 but there were a total of 8 floating with the picturesque Rocky Mountains.  Breathe…Real Life….Parenting.  It is hard. 

Hope everyone else is surviving.


Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.