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The Last Week!

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The last week has been extremely busy for my family!  Busy in a good way though.  Check out the updates below!

Our 3rd Anniversary Mini-Vacation

June 28th was my husband and I’s wedding anniversary and also marked 10 years of us being a couple.  We usually celebrate our anniversary by having a quick get-away to some place close to Denver.  This year we only had one night because Jason had to work, so we celebrated by heading up to my awesome aunt’s condo in Keystone.  We mainly just hung out and swam, but we had a great time doing it!

Eyan getting ready to climb the stairs at the condo
Going for a evening stroll along the river

The River was seriously raging, but the sound was amazing!  Loved our walk!
Eyan just floating around in the pool!  He LOVES Swimming!
Eyan and Daddy

The New Play Set!

A few weeks back I was able to score an awesome Little Tikes Swing and Slide Castle off Craigslist!  I had been looking for one for about a month and was SUPER excited when I found this one!  Eyan has played on it a lot, but I only got around to taking pictures of him playing last week.  He really enjoyed trying to get out of the swing on his own, but normally ended up falling down and then playing in the rocks.  Check out that perfect Ninja!

Y3W–“Ready to Play”

Y3W stands for “Your 3 Words” and is something I am *borrowing* from my friend Censie over at Building Our Story!  Go check her blog out!  She does an awesome job and her son is freaking perfect!

Anyway how it works is you take a picture and add a 3 word caption.  This weeks Y3W is Eyan in his adorable basketball outfit!

4th of July

This was Eyan’s second 4th of July and he just loved it.  I totally forgot the camera for part 1 of the day, but got some cute snapshots of part 2!

Part 1 of the day consisted of Jason waking up and making breakfast for the family and then us packing up and heading to the lake.  Eyan being the little water worm he is, was in the lake every chance he got, just floating around and playing in the sand.  I so wish I would have remembered the camera…mom of the year strikes again!

Part 2 of the day consisted of visiting various friends and watching the fireworks.  We watched the “big” show at my best friend Stacey’s parents house and Eyan was enthralled with the lights and big booms!  He then delighted Stacey’s family by playing the hat game and rattling off about 30 different words and phrases.  Always the showman.  Anyway here are some pictures…I could have done better, but I sucked.

Stacey & Eyan getting ready for the show
My sis, Stacey and Eyan watching the show…ok just Stacey and Eyan 🙂

The Fireworks!

Well a lot more went on last week, I went with my Aunt Jerica on her venue walk through (the wedding is going to be so amazing!)  Our awesome neighbors invited us to their little guys 2nd birthday and we had a blast.  The had part of it at this new little water park in town and it was pretty fun and then they cooked some amazing food (as always) and lit fireworks for little dude.  Some sad stuff is happening right now, but I am just not feeling compelled to write about it.  Just send prayers our way!

Have a great week!

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.