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Meet Kira Bailey the 2021 American Girl of the Year

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Kira Bailey is the 2021 American Girl of the Year & she is out to inspire change & make a difference in the world around her. Read on to see why we just adore this doll and her story and enter to win a Kira Bailey doll of your very own!

Disclosure: I am partnering with American Girl.  All opinions are my own.

Inspiring Change with American Girl Kira Bailey

Meet Kira Bailey the 2021 American Girl of the Year

American Girl has selected a Girl of the Year for 19 years!  These limited edition dolls are always highly anticipated and focus on relevant social issues, hobbies, or situations.  We have been collecting the Girl of the Year for a few years and have enjoyed reading the stories and learning with Gabriela, Lucianna and Blaire.  2021 features a sweet girl heading down under to help animals in Australia, named Kira Bailey. 

American Girl of the Year, Kira Bailey

Kira is an animal lover and conservationist in the making.  She is honestly a girl after my heart and is exactly the type of story that I want to share with my own children.  When we look at 2020 as a year, we often forget that the year started with Australia on fire and climate change sitting center on the world stage.  As a biologist and animal lover myself, I wanted to help my own children understand how the world is reacting to the pollution, greenhouse gases and more and how we can help. 

American Girl Kira Bailey

Kira Bailey is championing the environment and making a difference through her stories while teaching kids everywhere that challenges can be faced head on and that actions and choices will change a course.  

American Girl Kira Bailey Accessories

Kira currently has a bunch of really awesome accessories from camping sets, to clothing to the adorable wildlife rescue sets that are sure to inspire your children to take action and help when they are able to!

Inspiring Change with Kira Bailey

Every single day I walk into my biology classroom ready to inspire change.  I know that my students will likely not remember every ounce of content I share with them, but they will remember stories and that those stories can help them to think critically and ideally make a difference in the world. 

Kira Bailey American Girl

I think it is so important that we as parents are doing the same.  I am passionate about climate change and about making sure that my kids understand that our actions impact everything around us.  We make sure that we talk about the changes that are happening in different ecosystems around the world and how humans have both contributed to the cause but are also helping to correct it. 
Inspiring Change with Kira Bailey

I honestly adore that Kira Bailey is focused on change and the environment and that her books about loving the Earth, living down under and rescuing animals teach children about everything that I preach about daily.  I feel like the books are so relatable and accessible and I have seen my daughter start to see the environment around us differently.  I also love that you can make donations via the American Girl site to WIRES which is Australia’s largest wildlife rescue organization and American Girl is going to match those donations up to $25,000.

Reading with American Girl

Kira Bailey Giveaway

American Girl wants to empower more kids to take care of their environment and bring some change to our world with Kira and is sponsoring a giveaway!  One lucky winner will get a Kira Doll of their very own!  Please make sure to enter the giveaway form below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck and here is to inspiring change with Kira Bailey!

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Friday 19th of February 2021

Thank you for hosting. My daughter would love to have Kira. She super loves Kira’s animals and wants to be a vet when she grows up. I have an environmental science degree, so I would be interested to see how her book ties into environmental issues. I do wish her book took place in the US, especially in California with all the wildfires they have. I also love the diverse habitats California offers.

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