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Mask Wearing Tips for Clearer Skin

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A year ago mask function, comfort and hygiene would not have been part of my life.  Here we are almost a year into a pandemic and masks are commonplace and so are the discussions that come with them.  Check out why I love BioSkin masks and my top mask wearing tips for clearer skin below!

Disclosure: I am partnering with BioSkin.  All opinions are my own. 

The Maskne Issue

We are nearly a year into this pandemic and pretty much on the daily, I hear someone complain about their skin breaking out from their masks.  As someone that has suffered with hormonal acne since having my hysterectomy nearly 4 years ago, I was for sure worried about this mask acne (maskne) issue.  

BioSkin Masks

Simply put, when you are covering your mouth and nose, you are going to move more of your hot air into the mask (it does go out, but it floats there for a second) and this can breed bacteria who love a warm, wet space, which can then lead to acne when not managed. 

Mask Wearing Tips for Clearer Skin

I have been pretty successful with keeping my skin clear while wearing a mask to teach in daily and for every other daily task that takes us out of the home and I wanted to share my tips on why I know I am seeing these results.  Check out my mask wearing tips for clearer skin. 

Maskne prevention tips

  1. Wear a new, clean mask everyday: We have been told this from day one and I know people are not following this, but are still complaining about their skin.  Look, if you clean or swap them out, the bacteria won’t live there and then breed on your face.  
  2. Buy Masks that Breath: When considering your mask purchase, make sure that the material is breathable.  I have personally found that the BioSkin masks are great and that they material they use keeps my skin cool and dry, instead of trapping the heat and moisture.  
  3. Wash your Face: Not just in the morning and night as you would, but I keep face wipes on me to literally wipe my face down after I remove my mask when wearing it consistently for a few hours.  While I am teaching I cannot remove my mask, so I make sure that I wash immediately when I am able to take a mask break and that I also moisturize to protect my skin from drying out. 
  4. Take a Mask Break: You need to make sure that your skin has time to breath and dry out a bit.  Make sure that you are removing those masks in a safe space every few hours. 
  5. Buy Masks that Fit: The fit matters.  That was the whole worry with the N95 masks at the beginning of this.  You want to make sure that your mask fits your face, is not so tight that you can make out your features, but is snug enough to cover your nose, mouth and chin and allow for a comfortable gas exchange while avoiding the natural spit and sweat that exits your body from those areas. 

BioSkin Is The Top Mask Pick

When I tell you I have 50 masks, I mean it.  I literally have a mask to potentially match any outfit, but most of that is not because of the outfit, but more because of the comfort.  When the pandemic started, I wore whatever I could…we even tried making our own out of old socks.  We had homemade masks that fit alright, we had masks that were catchy and silly but the fit was horrid, I bought the accordion style masks, the beak style and so many others, ultimately my favorite mask so far has been the BioSkin Face Mask

Best Masks on the Market are BioSkin

BioSkin masks come in a huge variety of colors and styles.  You can get a tie behind and ear loop or a double layer mask in many different colors and prints.  I recently got my hands on their new Ombre’ and Leaves and Flowers sets and just adore them. They are vibrant, soft and are great for everyday wear for the entire family, and, yes, they have kids masks!

Mask Wearing Tips

BioSkin masks are breathable masks that easily  fit to your face, and have been designed by the world leader in orthopedic braces and sports medicine products.  I do not get that sweaty breath feeling which helps curb that maskne for me as well! BioSkin created a mask that is hypoallergenic, lightweight and comfortable. All masks are made in the USA and the materials have been lab tested for efficacy against pathogens with good results.

Giving Back with BioSkin

Another reason that I am adoring my BioSkin masks is that they have been giving back to provided hunger relief during this crisis.  I remember at the beginning of this people hoarding food and toilet paper and all I kept thinking was that many people do not have that luxury and we were doing a poor job taking care of our own.  It was heartbreaking, but companies stepped up and made sure that people were fed.  

Mask Wearing with BioSkin

BioSkin has already donated more than $125,000 from the proceeds of mask sales in addition also donating to help people impacted by last summer’s horrid wildfires.  I love supporting companies that care about their communities, their consumers and the world as a whole.  BioSkin is one of those companies and that is why I love their masks and their mission.  Make sure to check out BioSkin and their awesome masks by clicking here.  

Make sure to check out BioSkin Masks and share my mask wearing tips for clearer skin too!

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.