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The BEST STEM fun is Loop Lab Subscription Boxes!

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If you are looking for engaging STEM fun to bring home, then you absolutely must check out Loop Lab Subscription Boxes.  Read our full review and see what we think you NEED to get your hands on these boxes now!

Disclosure: I am partnering with Loop Lab.  All opinions are my own.

The Best STEM fun is Loop Lab Subscription boxes

Bring STEM Fun Into Your Home!

As a child, I was never one to really explore and I was also a kid that didn’t like being dirty, so science was just not my thing.  That all shifted my freshman year of college.  I learned so much about science and became really passionate about the world around me.  I have worked to pass that passion of exploration, inquiry and application to my children, which is why I was so excited to learn about Loop Lab STEM subscription boxes.

Loop Lab subscription boxes

Loop Lab subscription boxes are incredible boxes full of scientific inquiry that are easy for kids to work through, with just the right amount of mess and fun.   You can subscribe to Loop Lab boxes with a monthly or 3-month subscription for a great price!

Loop Lab instruction manual

Each box comes packed full of 3-4 scientific experiments to teach kids everything from states of matter, to basic chemical reactions, to forensics and more!  The experiments are themed around Gross Science, Sense-ational Science and Spy Science.  Loop Lab subscription boxes are a great way to bring STEM fun into your home.

What’s in the Loop Lab Subscription Boxes?

I won’t let the kiddos do every experiment right away, but man are they begging to do so.  We are taking our time, doing 2-3 a week as we work through remote schooling and the Loop Lab Subscription Boxes.  It has been really fun for us and I am glad that they are eager to get in the boxes and learn.  The first box we explored was Gross Science.

Gross Science

Gross science is a box that you get to start with. This box comes complete with a plastic beaker, Erlenmeyer flask, safety glasses and everything you need to make ooey gooey, fun!  In this box kids can make a Foaming Fountain, Ghost Goo and an Ooze Ball.  All really great textures and visuals for kiddos to have a hands on experience.

Gross science Loop Lab subscription box

My kids wanted to start with the Ghost Goo.  Some of you may know this as oobleck.  It is a non-Newtonian fluid, which means that it does not follow Newton’s law of viscosity.  The directions in the box were super simple to follow.  The kids worked together to measure out their corn starch, add the water and mix.

Making ghost goo

I really appreciated how clear the directions were.  My kids were able to grab the supplies they needed from the box, measure the water and the cornstarch without my help.  The pictures are so easy for them to follow and they like that they are able to do it themselves.  I like that I can sit by and watch as they work through the experiment together. 

Little girl doing lab experiment

We even decided to add in a bit of food coloring to let the kids see if that did anything to their Ghost Goo and boy did it!  The kids had pink and blue Ghost Goo all over their hands and they were making statements like, it feels like liquid until I push on it!  It lead to some awesome discussions and boy did they play with this for many hours.  

How to make Oobleck

This week the kids are going to make the Foaming Fountain.  That is at the top of their list and I am so excited to share a bit of explanation around chemical changes, exothermic reactions and more with them!  

Spy Science

The second Loop Lab box is the Spy Science activities.  This is by far the least messy of the three boxes, but has the most mystery and fun to it.  The kids actually finished this box this weekend and were having a blast, looking at clues, writing secret messages and cracking the Loop Lab case!

Spy Science Loop Lab Subscription Box

I am actually totally keeping that Loop Lab case because my students are going to do this too!  One of the experiments that the kids made was invisible ink.  This was a super easy lab but kept them entertained for a good chunk of time.

How to make invisible ink

They loved that they were able to make invisible ink and then write little messages on paper, only visible with a black light.  What started with them just writing their names, led them to a fun clue hide and seek, where they wrote clues, pictures and ended with a little candy surprise at the end.

Invisible ink fun

These kids loved being little scientific sleuths and for sure want to write everything in invisible ink from here on out.  I had to tell them that their teachers wouldn’t appreciate that.

Sense-ational Science

The third box in the Loop Lab series is Sense-ational science.  This box is packed full of activities that will get your kids hands and brains moving with immersive tactile experiences. This box is focused on the senses and boy does it deliver.  From Polka-Dot Dough, to Snow Foam, Wiggly Worms and an awesome Touch and Guess test, this box is probably the kids favorite of the three. 

Loop Lab Sense-ational subscription box

So far we have made the Snow Foam to their eager little delight and it was super fun.  Snow foam was quick and easy too and a great way to talk about polymers and absorption with your kids.

How to make fake snow

My kids were enamoured with watching the snow fluff up and it was awesome that they were able to learn about how this fake snow has been used to train Olympic athletes in the off season.  I also love that this box came with little containers to put our snow in for later!

fake snow experiement

Why You Need to Try Loop Lab Subscription Boxes

If you are wavering on ordering a box, these are the reasons why you need to try Loop Lab subscription boxes:

  • Loop Lab subscription boxes are incredibly easy ways to bring STEM into your home, and learn as a family through hands-on, engaging activities. 
  • Mad Science (the company behind Loop Lab) has 35 years of experience developing safe, fun and incredible labs for kids and parents to immerse themselves in.  
  • Not only do they offer the boxes, but they also offer birthday parties, after school programs, camps and workshops. 
  • I can tell you that as a science teacher, I am really impressed by the materials that were included in our boxes and the ease of directions, explanations and fun concepts that are represented.
  • Science is accessible and fun.  Kids need this hands-on inquiry learning. 

Kids in mad science coats

Are you ready to order a set of Loop Lab Subscription Boxes? Click here to get started.

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Brandy Ellen Writes

Tuesday 10th of November 2020

We made oobleck a couple of weeks ago during our homeschool science time! So much fun and weird how it works. I love this kit, I'll have to see if my sis wants to get it for her daughter to have some fun!


Thursday 12th of November 2020

It is so fun! The kids have been begging to do this weeks experiments! Definitely check it out :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.