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Lakeside: The Annual Family Gathering

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Each summer before school starts and life gets busy, there is one major family tradition that my grandfather just cannot get enough of.  My grandfather is all about nostalgia and loves to take his family to his old stomping grounds.  The particular place he adores is a bit of a run down, kinda scary old amusement park, with a pretty good “kiddie land.”  I will say that in the last few years, the amusement park has taken steps to really make the park nicer and give a nicer experience to their guests.  Also the rides are so reasonably priced that it is hard to beat unlimited rides for $8.00-$15.00 depending on age and height.

What is this magical place you ask…well the one and only Lakeside Amusement Park.  Here is a bit of our day in photos and video!  Enjoy!

This is not a place to bring your DSLR…hence the awesome grainy iPhone photo.
Grandma & Grandpa with all the little grandkids and great-grandkids.  Missing a couple.

The horse and buggy ride was a huge hit especially because they could ring bells!

Ok, So I probably should have watched this ride before putting my tiny person on it.  It spins really fast when you have 3 kids in it and was slightly terrifying for me.

Papa had to take his babies on the carousel.  Eyan wanted to ride ALL TOGETHER!

Last year we drug Eyan on this and he loved it after, but was terrified.  This year the boy ran to this ride.  Clearly he liked it.
Emmi rode this 4 times in a row.  Literally this child was difficult to get off some rides. 
When I tell you she was difficult, we hardly thought she would like to ride anything, however, she was enamored and had the best time ever.  
With that said, here is a video of the happiest baby in the world.  Literally.  Pardon my yelling into the video, I am a real classy lady you know. 


Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.