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Is It Easy to Use A Cricut?

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I share often about Cricut and people are constantly asking me is it easy to use a Cricut?  Today I am sharing all the details of why I am a huge fan and 5 reasons that it is super easy to use a Cricut. 

Disclosure: I am partnering with Cricut.  All opinions are my own. 

Is it Easy to Use a Cricut?

When my husband walked in with my first Cricut machine 10 years ago for my first mother’s day, I was so excited.  I had no experience using one of these machines and I was nervous about learning.  10 years ago there was a learning curve with the Cricut machines, but after upgrading a couple years ago to my Cricut Explore Air 2 and Cricut Joy, I can definitely say that Cricut is easy.  Read on to see why I think it is easy to use a Cricut. 

Is it easy to use a Cricut

Ease of Set Up

With both my Cricut Explore Air 2 and my Cricut Joy I was able to unbox them, plug them in and then make a project immediately.  When you first get your machine it comes with a light grip mat, a black pen, a blade and some materials to do a few started projects.  I do recommend purchasing a bundle with your machine to get the most bang for your buck and be able to really jump into creating!

Cricut Explore Air2

To get started, take your machine out of the box and set it on a table.  Make sure there is nothing behind or in front of it for about 14 inches either side.  Then plug your machine in and connect it to your computer.  You can do this via Bluetooth or the USB that comes with the machine.  If you choose to use Bluetooth the password for all Cricut machines is 0000, follow the prompts on your computers Bluetooth to get your machine connected.  From there, open design space, create a project and go!

Design Space

I remember when I first opened my Cricut that I was shocked at how easy it was to create a project and how Design Space walked you through the entire process.  If you do not have Design Space, you can download it here and get Cricut Access while you are at it!  Worth every penny. 

Cricut Design Space

Once you are in Design Space you can go ahead and start creating. You can search for images, use preloaded fonts or your own system fonts, and when you are ready to cut, simply hit “make it”, set up your mat and then follow the prompts on screen to create the project of your dreams. 

Cartridges are a Thing of the Past…If You Want

One thing I was not aware of when I got my second Cricut after 10 years was that cartridges were a thing of the past, however, if you still would like to use them, the new machines easily connect to them and you can also link your cartridges through Design Space.  Cricut Access is really the next level for all your pre-made design needs. 

Cricut Access

Cricut Access provides you with thousands of images easily searchable for you and can be billed either monthly ($9.99) or yearly (~$96.00).  The subscription also includes a ton of gorgeous fonts and a discount on non-access images as well as on most product purchases.  In addition, there is free shipping, and priority member care with your subscription. 

Accessories for All Your Needs

One of the things that I think makes Cricut so easy to use is that they have accessories and materials for every creator out there.  Cricut has worked diligently to make sure they they are offering a robust selection of accessories so you have a one stop shop for all your crafting needs.  From tools, to mats, to supplies and machines, they have you covered. 

Cricut Joy Accessories

Want to make sublimation projects, well grab Cricuts Infusible Ink and the shirts, mugs, coasters bags and more!  Looking to create shirts, grab an EasyPress and some Iron-On (HTV).  Are you a card connoisseur?  Well the Cricut Joy can do all that and more!  

Ready to Make Projects

One of my favorite aspects to Cricut Design Space is that there are thousands of ready to make projects.  You can jump into Design Space and search for “Shamrock” and projects pop up.  Some are from other creators, some are designed by Cricut but you can click on them and select “Make It” or “Edit a Copy” to get to work on a project immediately.

Ready to Make Projects

You can even search by community member if you like a particular persons designs or even machine and material type!  I love that if I need a birthday card, I can just go and type in Birthday Card Cricut Joy and up pops awesome designs that I can make with a few clicks! 

I hope you find that it is easy to use a Cricut and that you get your hands on one now!

Sharing is caring!

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