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How to Child Lock your Apple Device!

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If you are anything like I am, you have children who love your iPhone and are continuously opening and closing applications and deleting items and my favorite was the in app purchases that kept happening.  That was until I discovered GUIDED ACCESS!

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I figure that there are other parents out there that are in desperate need of a way to lock their kids into an app and keep them away from the rest of your phone. So here is my step by step tutorial on how to turn on and use this feature!

Go to your settings 

Click on General

Click on Accessibility and scroll down to Guided Access

Toggle the “Guided Access” button to the on position and also toggle on the “Accessibility Shortcut”

Next, click on passcode settings and “set guided access passcode” You can also toggle on the “touch ID” if you use that feature.
Now that you have turned on the guided access setting, it is time to put it to work!  Get into an application that your child loves.  Once in, triple-click the home button and the guided access feature should start. 

This is your opening screen.  You can choose to just start it our you can disable features before you start
To disable ads and other features you may want your kid to stay out of, draw a circle around those areas on the screen. 
Once you have disabled the areas you do not want access to, then click on “START”
To end, triple-click the home button again!
Enter your passcode or touch ID
Click on End or you can also readjust the areas that you disabled if you need to.
There you have it!  I know there were a lot of screen shots (and some that were not because the phone wouldn’t allow it), so thanks for following along and I hope you found this easy to do.  This feature has saved my sanity and has actually helped save my battery as my kids could not open all the applications and run the battery life. 
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Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.