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Holiday Fashion from American Girl

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Dressing up for the holiday season can be such fun with a little girl.  You have to check out these beautiful dresses and Holiday Fashion from American Girl that we just adore. 

Disclosure: I am partnering with American Girl.  All opinions are my own. 

Holiday Fashion from American Girl

Holiday Fashion from American Girl

American Girl is a bit of an obsession at our house, and when we were looking at the current catalog that arrived on our doorstep, our daughter zeroed in on the matching outfits that her and her dolls could share.  

American Girl matching outfits

With the holidays in full swing, dressing up is a regular event for us and this girl, adores dressing everyone and everything up.  I mean those American Girl dolls change outfits more times that I do in a week, so of course we had to get a new outfit for the 2019 Girl of the Year, Blair Wilson

Deck the Halls and Decked Out American Girl

I decided to surprise our daughter with a matching Deck the Halls dress for her, which I knew was going to be the biggest hit of the week.  I was going to hold off in giving it to her, but she knows the American Girl boxes and I accidently opened the box in front of her, not realizing.  She was ELATED. 

Decked Out American Girl Doll Dress

We immediately took the dresses out and unboxed the Decked Out Holiday dress for Blair.  The details on the dress were perfect, but you guys, those little red glittery slippers, the fur wrap and the bling all over the little details were so cute. 

Blair Wilson Girl of the Year Holiday

You guys, this dress set is gorgeous and this moment had that touch of magic where you see the light in your child’s eyes come alive.  We brushed Blair’s hair and restyled it around the glittered headband and put on the little fur wrap, ring and those shoes.  

Girl and her American Girl

Then we dressed our daughter up with a little of her own flair to match.  She was elated and just kept pointing out the little details on both her and Blair and insisted it was time for a photoshoot.

Photoshoot Time

You would not believe the amount of photoshoots that happen in our house with this girl and her dolls.  We fill up the camera roll on my old phone regularly, so of course we had to set up a little photoshoot with Blair and her. 

Deck the Halls Dress

The Christmas tree was a perfect background and I know that as this season continues we will be taking more photos of this girl, in this dress with her sweet dolls matching her.  I am so glad we got this dress set for her and I love how it photographs so vibrantly.  

Deck the Halls and Decked Out dress combo

What do you think of this Holiday Fashion from American Girl?

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.