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10 Reasons HelloFresh Rocks!

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Disclosure: I am partnering with HelloFresh for this post.  All opinions are my own.

Meal planning has been a goal of ours since the beginning of the year.  With our hectic schedules, it always seems like we are eating on the fly or we need to have a meal ready and eaten in 45 minutes.  I get so tired of the same ol’ quick recipes with frozen foods, so when I had the chance to try out HelloFresh, I jumped at it. I am now a big fan and today I wanted to share with you 10 reasons HelloFresh rocks!

10 reasons hellofresh rocks, why should I try hellofresh, is hellofresh worth it

1. Shopping Made Easy

I am so over grocery shopping, fighting crowds, coming up with recipes that my family will like and basically throwing everything in a pot and hoping it will turn out edible.  I used to love the grocery store, but with two kids and so many temptations it is impossible to shop.  often I get disoriented and distracted and while my intention was to purchase apples, beef and dog food, I typically end up completely forgetting those and walking out with toilet paper.  HelloFresh takes the stress out of shopping.  With a few clicks I can order meals that my family will like, all the ingredients are packaged for me by meal and everything is fresh and even catered to our dietary needs!

how is hellofresh sent, how does hellofresh keep meals cold

2. All In One Bag

I might have an obsession with the ease of preparation and clean up here. “Reuse Me. Toss in the kitchen scraps for easy, peasy clean up”. You had me at easy.  You take everything out of the bag, you prep it, you put the kitchen scraps and meal wrappers in and then you toss it all out in one really well made bag.  Less chances for me to trip over the begging dog, or drop veggie scraps or splatter meat drippings onto the floor while walking to our trash can and also keeps the contamination to a minimum!

hellofresh ingredients

3. Easy to Read Recipes

Look, I need pictures, I need explanation, I need bold print and I basically need to have my hands being held while I learn something.  I often have serious RBF because I concentrate so hard.  HelloFresh made recipe following easy.  The large laminate recipe cards show you all the ingredients you need, walk you through step by step how to prep with photos and even give you the idea on how to plate the food (if you’re into that sort of thing). I also loved that I can keep them and make my own little HelloFresh cookbook!

is hellofresh sustainable, how to live sustainably with hellofresh

4. Fresh Ingredients

It is not called HelloFrozen people.  It is HelloFresh and that is because everything is fresh.  When you open your bag of ingredients you are immediately greeted with brightly colored foods and simple instructions to wash everything and start preparing.  Everything we have tried has been crisp and wonderful to eat.

how fresh is the produce with hellofresh, how easy is hellofresh to cook

5. Catered to Your Family

My kids are pretty good eaters, but they can definitely be picky when it comes to several things.  I love that with HelloFresh, I can pick the meals that we want to try and that I can also let them know if we have any dietary restrictions (for us this usually means diabetic, low carb friendly) and everything arrives fresh to our door catered to our family’s choices.

hellofresh cooking, meal prep with hellofresh

All of the recipes are chunked out and easy to adjust if your kids just wont eat something.  For example these Crispy Frico Cheeseburgers had a caramelized onion jam that our family would likely not eat, so we simply moved past that step and enjoyed these amazing cheeseburgers sans the onions.  It was still amazing and also easy to make low carb because I just didn’t eat the bun.  In addition, the website lists ALL the ingredients before ordering as well as instructions for preparing which makes meal planning easy!

how to prepare hellofresh meals

6. Less Stress

If you are anything like I am, dinnertime is stressful.  Kids are running around, dogs are crazy, husband is hungry and you are exhausted from a busy day. HelloFresh takes the stress out of dinnertime with these easy to prep meals and makes it fun.  I have truly loved learning new recipes, new seasoning techniques, and even cooking with my kids.  They have totally started to get in on this and I am always willing to welcome those kitchen helpers.

Easy cooking with hellofresh, lifestyle picture of hellofresh

7. Tried and Tested, Tasty Recipes!

If you go on the HelloFresh website right now, you can look at their weekly meal offerings, but you can also click to see more of their recipes and see which recipes are in the “Hall of Fame”.  The hall of fame are the top recipes that people have tried and continue to order because they are tasty!  Let me tell you, of the three meals we have had in the past week, every single one of them was fantastic!  We were not disappointed in our selections at all and based on the customer service experience I have had, I would bet that if we did absolutely despise a recipe, HelloFresh would make it right.


hellofresh pork tenderloin, how to cook hellofresh meals, reasons to try hellofresh

8. Level Up

I am a pretty average cook in the kitchen.  I know how to cook meat, I know how to chop veggies and I can usually season something to make it taste good, but something that I absolutely loved about selecting our meal choices was that on the website each meal offering has a level rating to help the cook see how difficult the recipe is to prepare.  In addition, the website offers information on the kitchen utensils you will need which for someone who barely learned how to use a garlic press last year, this was super helpful!

hellofresh crispy frico cheeseburgers, hellofresh meals, cooking with hellofresh

9. Nutrition Facts

Everything you need to know about the meals you are ordering is online.  If you want to know how many calories the meal has it is there.  If you need to know serving size, you can find it, if you are eating low carb those facts are all there and easy to access.  This diabetic loves this.

hellofresh meal, hellofresh pork tenderloin, how to cook with hellofresh

10. You Look Like a Rockstar

No seriously, my family is raving about various meals this past week and asking me to make them again.  I literally just followed the recipe card and put the ingredients together. My family is happier, we are not eating out as much and I definitely feel like a rockstar mom too.

cooking with hellofresh, hellofresh logo, hellofresh lifestyle

Ready to try HelloFresh for yourself?  Well I have a $30.00 off coupon for using the code LFUNK30 at checkout.  Just visit the site and place your order!

Have you tried HelloFresh?

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