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Happy 2nd Birthday Peanut

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Today you are two, and you have been every bit of 2 for your entire life it seems.  I have never met a stronger headed, more opinionated, girly girl in my entire life, and I love it.

Photo Courtesy of: Krista Haffner Photography

In the last year, we have watched you FINALLY grow a bit and your little sassy attitude and vocabulary emerge something fierce.  You talk a lot, and we carry on conversations that are funny all the time. You are stubborn and impatient (like your daddy) and sometimes it drives us nuts.  Like the other night when I went to return our 2nd copy of Big Hero 6 and you didn’t want to (we do not need 2 copies), you laid on the floor of Target screaming and crying.  Nothing was going to make you budge.

You love baths and hate being dirty.  In fact you want napkins and wipes all the time and wash that little face and those hands constantly.  You are sneaky and love to hide away and get into whatever you can that you know will get a reaction from us…like the dogs water, or my make up or your brothers toys.  It is a game for you and us too.
Photo Courtesy of: Krista Haffner Photography

You adore your brother, like I have no way to explain the adoration happening in our house…but you are also a little instigating brute and you fight with him (probably for your own amusement).  Go easy on him, he is a lover, not a fighter.

You are a caretaker at heart and will make sure your babies and all your stuffed animals are warm and fed and you have carried that on to your actual doggies here at home.  You like to be a helper, but only on your terms.  If you do not want to pick up toys you have perfected the art of wandering around pretending to be helping but really making a larger mess.

You love to get dressed up pretty and pick out outfits and get your hair fixed.  In particular you love jewelry and shoes.  I am in trouble with this aspect, because I love those things too, and although I hate paying $30.00 for a pair of shoes for myself, I will easily do that for you because you just love it so much.

You understand the word No very well, but you refuse to believe that it would ever be directed at you, which in turn sparks some pretty funny tantrums or a pointed finger in our direction with the words “No, YOU NO!” You can crawl out of your crib, open doors and get into even child locked doors and cabinets.  Nothing stops you from getting what you want…except extreme supervision!

You are still so tiny comparatively.  This afternoon we go in for your 2 year check up and some more testing and I will bet that you are still around 21-22 lbs (hoping for 23 though!) and you are in 12-18 month clothing.

You my sweet girl are one of my greatest accomplishments and I just cannot imagine life without you.  You are destined to be a strong headed, compassionate, no bull$hit woman and for that I am very proud.

We love you to infinity and beyond, forever and a day!

Love Mommy.


Sharing is caring!

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