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Give the Gift of Community

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Looking for a meaningful and unique gift this year. Check out our review on Impart and see why we think you should give the gift of community now.

Disclosure: I am partnering with Impart.  All opinions are my own. 

Give the Gift of Community with Impart

Building Community with Impart

A few weeks ago, I heard about this local company called Impart.  Impart aims to build community through shared wisdom.  Taking those beautiful words and sentiments and creating stunning books that can be used to help people navigate through life’s big and small moments.  

Impart Gift Package

I was sent a sweet care package from impart with a tote bag, book and airpod case.  The book is great quality.  It is their premium gloss hard cover with beautiful imagery.  I had asked for a sample because I don’t want to spoil a surprise for a special someone in my life posting a bit early here. 

Impart Book Review

With Impart, setting up the book is really easy.  The giver can go in and select the type of milestone that they would like to share words of wisdom on.  They can then add in personalized images as well and then following 4 simple steps they can reach out to their community to contribute. 

Impart Book Quality

4 Simple Steps to Impart

  1. Invite Friends & Family to share their words of wisdom. 
  2. Gather the community.  Impart’s system sends reminders and tracks the invitations to contribute to the book.
  3. Curate the content.  Once everyone has contributed, you can go ahead and begin putting together the book.  Adding images to the cover and binding and organizing it as you like.
  4. Publish and send to the recipient. As the creator you get to review the book prior to ordering and then send the order to the printer which has it ready in 4-5 days!

Gift of Community with Impart

I also love that Impart has provided areas in the end of the book for the recipient to write down notes and memories as needed.  As these books are designed to share knowledge, pass on wisdom, build communities and celebrate milestones, I think it is awesome that the recipient can go through the book and then write down things that stick out or memories or even their own words of wisdom. 

Give the Gift of Community

Life is challenging. We all know this and we know that we often need to lean on our community to get us through.  I know that as my husband and I have navigated marriage, parenting, death and more we have needed advice from our friends and family but often struggled to reach out. What a beautiful gift to give your loved ones in a book of wisdom and advice that they can grab, read and reflect on while processing and navigating through life’s changes.  This is a beautiful gift of community.  

Unique Gift Ideas in 2020

Impart books are great for all types of milestones.  From academics, to coming of age gifts and even support in life’s challenges.  I adore that they are personal and I know that I would personally adore a gift like this, written by my friends and family with nothing but love and wishes for the best.  If you are interested in learning more about Impart or creating a perfect gift for your loved one, please check out their website.

This just in!

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and school graduations, invited friends and family can now have people to add personal photos along with their message of advice and support. Additionally, users can now select pearls of wisdom from Impart’s growing library to include in their book alongside those from invited friends and family.

What are you waiting for, go give that gift of community and create a book on Impart today!

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.