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Get Back to School with Verizon

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School clothes, supplies & the excitement of a new school year is upon us. See why we are getting back to school with Verizon & their Buy One Get One deal!

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Back to school with Verizon's Buy one get one deal

The Cell Phone Dilemma

Last year was a whirlwind of crazy. Not just because of the pandemic but also because of the constant schedule changes with both my teaching schedule and my kids school schedule. It was overwhelming figuring out our pick up and drop off schedule for the kids and making sure that everyone that was helping us out was informed while getting the kids the information as well.

The Cell phone dilemma

We were at a crossroad as I had been pretty adamant that we waited to get the kids cell phones until they were able to drive and have a job to pay for a portion of that responsibility. My parents did it this way and I feel like it helped me be a fiscally responsible adult, who learned the value of ownership early. However, this past school year nearly broke me as I tried to balance all the plates in the air and the cell phone dilemma was now something I was reconsidering.

Making the Switch

When our old cell provider merged with another company, our service in our home and while we were out and about became a HUGE issue. We were told that they were just upgrading towers and that all would be resolved soon, however, 6 months into it, we realized that by soon they probably meant never, and it was time to make a switch.

Walking into Verizon

I had previously looked into Verizon for our family when we were considering switching a few years ago. It had been recommended many times in our neighborhood forum and I really liked their Just Kids Plan. So we contacted Verizon Customer service and started the process of switching over.

Checking out the phones in Verizon

We wanted to bring our own devices and they all were compatible and also allowed us to get a statement credit for a couple of them which rocked! We love that the app keeps everything from billing to usage and customer service in one place and that the coverage is top notch. We do not drop calls and the network is fantastic.

Back to School with Verizon

Back to school is on the forefront of this mom and teacher’s brain. With all the chaos of last year, I want to make sure that we are completely prepared and able to communicate effectively. Recently, I learned that Verizon is offering a Back to School buy one get one free offer and so we jumped at the chance to check it out.

Upgrading with Verizons Buy one get one deal

Our kids were given hand-me-down phones to use and they are showing their age, we decided to head into the store and take a peek at the new phones and see if we could snag a sweet deal on some new devices to ensure that the we can effectively reach each other and also enjoy all the streaming, gaming and messaging we love. In short, it was time to get back to school with Verizon.

Back to school with verizon buy one get one

The kids are both very familiar with iPhones and so naturally they went right for that area. Ultimately both of them liked the Apple iPhone 12 mini because they could choose their own colors and they fit their hands well. I personally liked the price and with the buy one get one offer we are saving over $700!

iphone 12 mini

We are preparing for back to school this year much differently than last year and I am thankful that we will be tech ready for the classroom, the schedules and life in general. Make sure to click on over to Verizon and check out their back to school buy one get one offer!

Are you ready to get back to school with Verizon?

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.