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Finished Basement!

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After 1 full year, our basement is FINALLY FINISHED!  Ok so we actually have had walls, plumbing, electrical and real usable space for a year, but over the last couple months Jason and I have really started to turn that space into an area that we can all enjoy.
Our basements boasts the following amenities: a large living area with a man cave side and playroom side, a full bathroom, a spare bedroom with dual closets that also is my office, storage like you would not believe and a happy place for all to live!
You may remember back in November when I shared some slightly crappy photos of the kids play area here.  I figured that now that Jason and I have put pictures on the walls and added furniture (still missing curtains and a few more decorative touches for the man cave), it was time for an update.
Living room (man cave/playroom):
Living room, man cave, playroom
This is the view as you come down from the stair case.  You can see the kids play area on one side.

Living room, Man Cave, Hunting, Camo
We are going with camo and hunting stuff but comfy.  The loveseat is Lane and is separate rockers and recliners and I have no clue what the two chairs are as they are temporary gifts until we can really decide on a few recliners.  A little mismatched, but it looks fine for now.

Living room, man cave, fishing
We need to agree on some window curtains, these stark white walls are killing me. 

Man cave, fishing pole, pictures
This is a Pinterest idea that I stole.  This is my Great-Grandpas old fishing pole and pictures of the hubby fishing and hunting and our boy!

Man cave, hunting, fishing, entertainment, Duck calls
We LOVE this fireplace entertainment center.  I have some upcoming crafts for around the TV,
but for now the antique duck and Willie the Knome will have to cut it.  Also my hubby thought
it would be cool to hang all his duck calls up and the tags…not to shabby!


Nothing too exciting here, but it is pretty!


Spare Bedroom/Office:

Bedroom, Office, Craft Room
I LOVE my office furniture!

bedroom, office, craft room
The large bookshelf is mainly for all my wonderful crafting stuff.  The hubby must love me.

bedroom, office, dual closet & seat storage
We also have a bed in here and the dual closets make for fantastic storage.  Also the sitting area there lifts up and there is more storage!  I LOVE STORAGE!

There is really so much decorating I want to do, but just do not have the time or money to do just yet.  Eventually all my little crafty projects will get done and I will just feature them here on the blog!


Sharing is caring!

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Kelvin kas

Monday 4th of September 2017

i like your post and all you share with us is uptodate and very enlightening, i might want to bookmark the page so ibasement renovation agm


Saturday 18th of January 2014

We are currently house hunting and I am being enticed by the prices that come along with an unfinished basement. Did you like being able to design it yourself or do you wish that you bought a house with a finished basement so you didn't have to mess with it?


Sunday 19th of January 2014

We love that we purchased the basement unfinished and were completely able to design the space to fit our needs. Not only does it have all of the stuff in the photos but we also have several other storage areas and only at a fraction of the cost of hiring a contractor (only about 9000.00 compared to 15,000+). I highly recommend finishing it yourself!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.