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Finally Sleeping Great on my Ō by Neven Allume Luxury Mattress

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Looking for a great night’s sleep?  Check out our full review of the Ō by Neven Allume Luxury Mattress and see what sets it apart from the competitors.

Disclosure: I was gifted and Ō By Neven Allume Luxury Mattress.  All opinions are my own. 

Get Your Best Sleep on an O By Neven Mattress

Ō by Neven Allume Luxury Mattress

For over 8 years I have struggled with major back issues.  We tried everything to help alleviate the pain that I had in my back and I noticed that when I would go to bed, that laying down was excruciating and took a long time for my back to settle into a comfortable enough position that I could sleep in.  My husbands back was also in pain and we knew that it was time to look for a new mattress.  

O by neven luxury mattress in a box

Enter Ō By Neven Allume Luxury Bed in a Box Mattress. This mattress is an ultra breathable mattress, made with layer after layer of supportive foam that helps regulate your temperature and bring you to the best sleep of your life. 

Unboxing the Allume Luxury Mattress & Arize Pillows

I had planned to make a whole video of us unboxing this mattress, fully assuming that this would take a few hours for the mattress to set up and be ready, however, it was moments.  The mattress was heavy and it took my husband and I to haul it upstairs.  Once there we carefully removed it from the box and cut off the plastic wrap layer and then BOOM the Allume Luxury Mattress was ready for use. 

O by neven allume luxury mattress review

I honestly was expecting the mattress to need some time to fully puff up, however, it literally was seconds and I remember my husband and I laughing out of shock when it just opened right up.  We also ordered two of their luxury Arize king sized pillows to really refresh our bedroom and hopefully bring that much needed relaxing sleep.  

O By Neven Arize Pillows

The Arize Pillow is a supportive cutting-edge pillow that will help you sleep better by keeping you cool.  It is designed for all sleeping positions and made of EccoCarbon™ Hybrid Foam just like the Allume Mattress.  The pillows are on the firm side but they are very comfortable and come in two sizes, standard and king.  We have truly enjoyed them. 

What Makes Ō by Neven Great?

We have had 6 months to try this mattress out.  After the first night, we knew it was a keeper.  My husband and I slept great, I woke up the following morning able to get out of bed without having to hold onto the headboard and settling in at night was not as excruciating as it had been.  My husband loved that the mattress was not too hot or too cold and that it was just the right softness for him.  

O By Neven Allume Mattress cross section

The Allume Luxury Mattress is a 12-inch foam mattress made of 5 layers of foam and a breathable cover to bring comfort, support and stability to your sleep.  Ō By Neven has the exclusive EccoCarbon™ hybrid foam that quickly dissipates heat and is made with the Earth in mind.  It is certified CertiPUR® meaning that it is made without flame-retardants, formaldehyde, mercury, lead or other heavy metals as well as zero ozone depleters. 

O by Neven Allume Mattress Tag

After 6 months there is no dents or and you do not feel like you are being sucked into the mattress.  The mattress forms to your body without causing you to feel like you are sinking in.  It is also easy to adjust positions when you are sleeping which I love because I move a ton when I am sleeping and I do not feel like I am just stuck in one position all night or that I am struggling to move. It really makes for great sleep.

Finally Sleeping Great 

I go to bed each night and just fall into that soft, comfortable sleep.  I have not woke up with a neck ache or back ache in months and my husband is sleeping awesome too.  We love how this mattress keeps our body temperatures just perfect for each of us.  I prefer to sleep warm and he prefers cold and we are both happily sleeping in our own little mattress environment.

Sleeping Great

If you are looking for a new mattress, make sure to check out Ō By Neven Allume Luxury Mattress and Pillows!

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