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Field Day!

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Field day has changed a lot since I was a kid.  For us we would travel to our local high school and actually compete in track and field events.  The 800m, long jump, hurdles, you name it we would compete for those darn ribbons!  I am sure that if I went through boxes at my moms house I would find a ribbon or two…that is it because I am awful at most sports that involve running. 
Enough about my history with field day, lets jump into how fun it was to watch my little guy compete in his field day.  The day started out with class awards and then some relays.  The kinder’s competed against 1st grade for bragging rights in about 5 different relays.  I am not entirely sure who won but it was super fun watching the kids crab walk, push a ball with their nose and work in teams to move a ball to the end of the field and back!

Once we finished the relays section of field day we headed inside for the free swimming portion.  It was so fun to watch all the littles swimming around.  I did not take any pictures because it was so humid in the pool and I was trying to keep a close eye on a several littles to help the teachers out. 

Next up was some gym activities.  The kids played with hula hoops, basketball, football, volleyball and even the parachute!  You all remember the parachute! My little guy preferred to stay at the hula hoop throwing station and played catch.  

We ended the day with popsicles and hugs with our teacher.  She is not returning to the school next year and we are super bummed, I did not post her on here because I did not get her permission, but she is fantastic and we are so entirely lucky to have had her teach our little guy.

Happy End of the School year!  Here is to field days, sunscreen, and all the fun!


Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.