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Eyan’s big boy room debacle

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This is the before picture of Eyan’s room.  I already miss my baby boy’s nursery.  I am such a sappy mommy when it comes to my babies growing up.  However, Eyan was quickly outgrowing his toddler bed and realistically if we wanted him to continue to feel like a big boy and nighttime potty train and stop fighting us at bed time then it was time to change up his room.

When we purchased both our kids bedroom sets we purchased the full convertible bed with the toddler rails and full size bed rails.  We were prepared for this whole growing up process and knew that all we had left to purchase for the next 18 years as far a furniture goes was a nice mattress.  So we headed off to the mattress store, scored an awesome full size bamboo pillow-top mattress for a great deal and headed home to assemble.

Both kids fell asleep so Emberlynn went into her room and we put Eyan into our bed while we put together his big boy bed!  We dismantled the toddler bed and brought the bed rails up from the basement and got to work.  It was going well and then we realized that the genius’ at the manufacturer neglected to put the hardware into the box (yes it needs separate hardware, yes we tried the crib hardware first).  So we were at a standstill and it was 11:00pm.  Jason slept on the couch and I snuggled up to my little guy.

The next morning I went to work calling the company and getting it all sorted out, with both the company and Babies R’ Us (who were very understanding and helpful).  I also managed to move the box spring and mattress up the stairs by myself and just decided to lean the headboard against the wall while we wait for the parts and to put the box spring and mattress on the floor.

Hello crappy iPhone Pictures!

After an entire month practically, Babies R’ Us received the parts and we were able to finally put Eyan’s room together!  The bed is ridiculously high, like higher than my California King and even I have to climb up to get in, but the boy loves it and stays right in the middle.

The finished panorama view.  Can you spot Eyan?


Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.