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DIY Inspirational Disney Watercolor Wall Art

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This simple DIY inspirational Disney watercolor wall art is sure to be a centerpiece of conversation. With a free SVG cut file as well as an easy tutorial follow along and create with me!

DIY Inspirational Disney watercolor wall art

Disney Watercolor Wall Art

After remodeling our entire living room which leads into a hallway, I knew that I wanted to create something for our hallway that was bright, inspirational and encompassed something our family loves.  I was wandering the aisles at the store and came across some watercolor paper on clearances, which lead to a light bulb moment.  I was going to create a watercolor art piece and it was going to be Disney themed.

Rainbow watercolor tutorial

When I arrived home from the store I jumped on social media and asked my friends to give me a list of iconic Disney items and some inspirational words that describe them.  The list was incredible and included a billion ideas that I had to choose from.  I chose to go with the boot from Wall-E, The house from Up and the fork from The Little Mermaid.

Simple watercolor background

Once I knew what I was going to create, I then used the Crayola watercolor set to blend various colors that I felt represented each of those movies.  For The Little Mermaid I used blue and purple for the ocean and Ariel’s shell top.  When thinking of Wall-E I used orange and green and overlapped in the middle to represent the plant and the dirt. Rounding out the watercolors I decided to do a rainbow ombre to represent Up.

Customizing with Cricut

Look if I could draw, I would, but I cannot so instead I use Cricut to create and honestly, it is worth every penny.  To create the Disney items, I went to Google and searched for black and white images of the house, boot and fork.  I then uploaded them to Cricut Design Space and made them into cut images. From there, I used the Waltograph font that I downloaded to my operating system for free and wrote out the inspirational words.

Disney SVG cut files

I welded the words together and then sent them to be cut to my Cricut Explore Air 2.  I grabbed some permanent black Cricut vinyl and loaded it onto the blue light grip mat.  Following the directions on the screen, I cut out the designs and then weeded them.

Cricut Explore Air 2

Once that was done, I grabbed my transfer paper and the dried sheets of watercoloring and began to transfer the images and words onto the watercolor paper.  You can grab the cut images through Cricut Design Space here if you want to recreate this for your own home.

DIY Inspirational Disney Watercolor Wall Art

You have to be ready to see this already.  I wrote an entire story that I am sure you did not want to read, but you guys, the results of this idea are incredible.  The DIY inspirational Disney watercolor wall art is perfection and was so simple to make. I honestly might make more of these because they are so pretty.

Disney Inspirational Wall E watercolor wall art

Here is the series of these DIY inspirational Disney watercolor wall art pieces.  I purchased some cheap black frames to place each art piece in and hung them on our hallway wall.  They are right outside our bedrooms and I love that when we walk out we are reminded each day that we can grow, be innovative and that each day is an adventure.

DIY inspirationals Disney watercolor wall art

Do you love these DIY inspirational Disney watercolor wall art pieces as much as I do?

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Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.