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Stunning Card Room Green Farrow and Ball Bedroom Makeover

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Looking for ideas for a earthy and natural romantic space. Check out this stunning card room green Farrow and Ball bedroom makeover and grab some great ideas on decor too!

Stunning Card Room Green Farrow and Ball Bedroom Makeover

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Our Bedroom Before

We moved into our home in 2009, when I was nearly 6 months pregnant and in my first year teaching. The walls were flat white, the budget was tight and all I cared about in our bedroom was that the mattress was firm. Fast forward to the present and our outdated room needed some serious love and attention.

Bedroom before in brown and blue tones

Now, it is not that the room was awful, but for me, the color scheme was outdated, there was not enough texture and we had so many photos in there that were of our kids, parents and families that it definitely didn’t scream romance.

The Perfect Card Room Green Farrow and Ball Bedroom Makeover

After A LOT of coercion my husband finally conceded to my brilliant idea to paint the bedroom, add in wainscoting and overall change the space to reflect us as a couple. This is the final result and it is absolutely one of my favorite spaces in the house now.

Card room green farrow and ball bedroom makeover ideas
The lighting is a bit off here because well…I took pictures at night.

I fell in love with the card room green by Farrow and Ball paint color and made that our first purchase. We knew we would be keeping our bedroom furniture because we both love it and from there it was just a lot of finding items that we both really liked.

Photowall & Sconces

LED battery sconces on a wainscotting wall with photowall canvas prints over bed.

After the paint, I immediately went to work finding items for our wall and above the bed because I knew that we would be framing in those spaces and I wanted something that stood out. I found Photowall which specializes in wall paper, wall murals and prints. They have a great stock image selection that you can have sized to whatever works best for you. You can also upload your own images.

Wainscotting wall with LED battery sconces framed perfectly with images from Photowall of various flowers in black and white.

Originally, I thought I would do an entire wall in wall paper for some texture but after completing the wainscotting, it was clear that prints would be best. I opted for these gorgeous black and white flower canvases and I love them so much.

The little LED battery powered sconces were also a fun little find. They have a remote for each sconce and were so simple to install. You can’t even tell that they are not hardwired in! I love that in the evening we can turn them on for some reading light and that you can change the color of the lights too! They pair SO well with the Photowall canvases and really make everything pop.

Photowall canvas prints lite by LED sconces over bed

The next step was finding bedding that would look great with the card room green farrow and ball bedroom. I knew I didn’t want white, because kids and dogs and honestly, I think those perfect white bedroom spaces are a bit overplayed. I snagged this bedding set from Wayfair and purchased one of those wrap around bed skirts and some textured white pillowcases to brighten the bed up a bit.

Bringing Natural Elements into The Decor

I honestly had a really tough time figuring out exactly what I wanted to put on our other walls and how to tie everything together. Greys, greens, whites and blacks were great but I wanted to be able to tie in more colors and natural elements subtly, so I spent weeks searching for items and ideas.

Card room green farrow and ball bedroom wall and decor

This wall was the one I originally wanted to put wallpaper on but decided to stick with these floating shelves that we have had for years. The picture makes them look a little off, but they actually fill the space really well. I was able to continue to flower theme with a gold lotus candle and some floral and feather pieces, while adding in personal touches of anniversary gifts and images.

Natural and Earthy Bedroom Ideas

It was REALLY important to me to have pictures of us in our space. Moments of feeling our best and just being together. You will see that throughout these images. In addition, I wanted to have that natural, earthy, calm feeling so adding in items with natural wood and vases of flowers and eucalyptus throughout fit perfectly. The eucalyptus really brings out that card room green farrow and ball bedroom color.

Card Room Green Bedroom Ideas

One of the changes we made in our room that I was nervous about, was the curtains. I found these fantastic white blackout boucle texture curtains and paired them with a set of bronze curtain pullbacks and a new bronze curtain rod. They make a HUGE difference in the space by brightening up the room while oddly keeping it dark just like we like it!

If you like this stunning card room green farrow and ball bedroom makeover, make sure to check out our Kitchen and Living Room spaces!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.