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Braun Forehead Thermometer {Review}

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My sick kids are owning me.  It is crazy to have two sick kids and makes caring for them all that much more stressful.  We’ve had some rough days over here lately and tons of boogers but thankfully, no fevers! 

Eyan hates having his temperature taken and I have tried every.single.thermometer out there.  We have pacifier ones, ear, regular and every time the boy screams and screams.  Emberlynn on the other hand could care less.  
Thankfully my friends over at Braun developed an inexpensive, reliable and easy to use forehead thermometer!  Eyan thinks it’s a toy and actually wants me to take his temperature constantly, so I do…which is how I know there have been no fevers!  Every time we check his, we have to check sissy’s too.  The easy to read display changes color if the temperature is out of a normal range to orange or red and stays green for a normal temperature.  It take seconds to use and is painless.  
(For a video clip of us using it follow the link below!)
When I found out I was receiving one of these I started yelling at my computer with excitement because let’s face it, I’ve tried everything except these because normally they are so out of my price range!  However this thermometer is inexpensive ($52.00) and well worth the money!  
I hope you check this awesome forehead thermometer out too!!!
(I received this product complimentary for review from Braun and Influenster. The opinions expressed above are my own and are not influenced by any outside source!)

Sharing is caring!

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Shannon Perkins

Tuesday 4th of November 2014

This one looks like mine. I salute all the creators of forehead thermometers because what they have created is a life saver. It's just so amazing how tough things become easier to handle with the use of this device. When you have this in your hand, you'll worry no more!

Beverly Jefferson

Monday 15th of September 2014

This is one of the best thermometer that I have used! Forehead thermometers rocks! Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

Jenifer Jackson

Tuesday 10th of June 2014

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Friday 27th of December 2013

That's awesome! We had a forehead thermometer a few years ago and it was super unreliable. I could take their temperatures a few seconds apart and have them vary by 5 degrees or more. With a new baby on the way, this may just have to hop on the registry! :0)


Tuesday 31st of December 2013

This one if very accurate, only varying by 1/10th of a degree or so


Thursday 26th of December 2013

Hi Laura! Thanks for doing this review! I am in the market for a new thermometer but wasn't sure which one to get. We have an ear one and the old school under arm one and neither seem accurate --- the readings are all over the place! It's hard to know when my kiddos actually have a fever. Looks like this new type is the way to go! Thanks!!


Tuesday 31st of December 2013

I love this thermometer! I also love that you can take their temperature while they are sleeping!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.