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Well, it has officially been 12 weeks since this pregnancy began and it is still not done.  I am so frustrated and beginning to get impatient with this whole process.  I went to the doctor this week and had another ultrasound.  FINALLY, there was no fetal tissue, just a large gestational sac and yolk sac.  This is progress, and I was told that a D&C is needed.  I just to wait for the doctor to call and schedule, so I patiently waited.  On Friday while I was teaching, I missed a call from the doctor.  I returned it immediately after school only to find out the doctor was called to the hospital to deliver a baby.  No biggie, she said they would be open the next day and she would be available.  So I went to bed fully confident that I would have answers and a date to end this chapter.  I woke up the next morning only to call several different times to no answer.  Finally the answering service told me that they left for the day…this was 2 hours earlier than they close!  Frustration was at an all time high.  I am tired of waiting, tired of letting my body do what it needs to do and just plain tired.

So maybe tomorrow I will get an answer….

Jason got some good news on his heart.  The ECG (heart sonogram) came back good.  However, we still have no real answers as to why his heart is beating too quickly.  This Thursday Jason goes to the cardiologist and I am hoping and praying that we get the answers.  I am also hoping that they tell Jason enough on the caffeine, nicotine and other crap he is putting into his body.  It scares me to death to lose him, especially since both his parents died early.

So maybe Thursday we will get an answer…

Other small updates:

Jason’s grandpa is out of the ICU and back home, managing the blood clots with medicine.  I continue to pray that he will get better and better each day.  I love his family so much and Grandpa is a strong man.  I am glad to know that he is such a fighter cause we need his feisty attitude in this family!

My little sister has been battling some GI issues and has lost like 15+ lbs on an already tiny little body so now she looks anorexic.  She is throwing up pretty much any solid food she eats and is just feeling pretty shitty.  She has an issue with some enzyme…which as a science teacher leads me to assume that the chemical reactions that should be happening in her body to digest her food are not be catalyzed by the enzymes so the food just comes right up.  I like to think it is a simple fix of balancing her pH or a small little pill with no side effects, but who knows.  She goes to the doctor this week for some answers as well.

Lastly, my little boy has been battling what can only be called the stomach flu from hell.  Thursday night we went to a restaurant and were just getting our meals when he vomited all over the place.  We cleaned him up assuming it was just a random fluke and went back to the table.  Literally 1 bite into my meal, out comes the vomit.  I told Jason to grab the food and I rushed Eyan to the bathroom where he continue to throw up in the toilet like a pro.  (Seriously though I have never seen a kid know how to throw up in the toilet?)  He continued this upchuck fest all they way home in the car and literally ALL NIGHT LONG!  I was terrified and so worried as he began to dry heave and choke and turn red.  I called Children’s Hospital 4 different times only to be told that unless he has a fever, not to bring him in and that the vomiting seemed to be slowing down.  Well we made it through the night.  I went to work so tired as I forgot to call in, and managed to make it through the day.  The next night wasn’t much better he vomited a couple times and although I got a bit more sleep, it was still a rough night.

My little man has continued to get better and better and after doing the BRAT diet for a few days he managed to hold down some milk and Doritos (hey its all he wanted), so I think we are almost in the clear.

Anyway, busy week, hopefully lots of answers and happy news.  Optimism is my friend.

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.